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The Best of Megacon Cosplay


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June 1, 2016 · 8:02 PM

I Am In Love With A Geek

His favorite superhero

Hey, I’m Lola and I’m in love with a Geek. Now let us clarify what a Geek is because nowadays the termination is a bit confused (and trust me Geeks become upset when you mistake them for their equally awkward, but different counterparts, Nerds). A Nerd is book smart, socially awkward, spends lots of time studying and worrying about his/her GPA and college applications. A Geek comes in several subcategories:

The Gamer- spends most days inside playing the gaming system of his/her choice (they usually have a strong preference towards one), can often be found in GameStop, pre-orders COD, pale from lack of sunlight, has extensive knowledge of PC games such as WOW, has played D&D at least once.

The Comic Book Geek- has an all time favorite superhero and villain, a strong preference towards either Marvel or DC universe, can most likely correct every superhero movie ever made even finds them painful to watch, will rage for their preferred hero/universe/villain until blue in the face, knows more than you about ALL comics… no matter what you think, has extensive comic book collection in house somewhere, owns superhero/villain action figures. Has played D&D at least once.

The Techno-Geek- these are the Geek Squad guys. People you call out when your electronics break down, they work the genius bar at the Apple Store, they work at Best Buy, they can fix your computer with a rubber band and some paper clips, they own the latest iPhone 5 days before it even comes out and have pointed out all the bugs in it, they are by far the most efficient of all the geeks. Has played D&D at least once.

It is also possible for you to meet at combination of two or all three types of geeks. They are not a group that can easily be pinned down. In all honesty you will find it hard to run into a geek who falls into only one category. And I know this because…I am in love with a Geek. I, myself, am also a bit of a geek. Or to be more accurate I am a girl with a geeky inclination, or geek-like tendencies. I would’ve grown into a fine geek had I the resources in childhood. I do find myself fascinated by geek culture, the comics, the games, I can’t really follow the technology but, it’s fun to watch a techno-geek work. My love is a comic-gamer hybrid. And loving a geek comes with a knowledge many think they have but only true geeks do. I’ve now played D&D at least once. ^_^

One of his favorite games

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