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Megacon Review

My feet still hurt and I’ve been back a full day now. But oh was it worth it! I had so much fun during the con…insanely stupid and unnecessary drama unfolded in the after hours part of the trip, but I won’t bore you guys with those details. Especially since I am trying to ignore them as best I can.

First and foremost for my excitable news…I met Tom Felton! Well, met is probably a strong word, we hardly had a conversation or anything, but me and some friends and the Eagle Scout did take a picture with him! A few weird fangirl tidbits: He smells great. I have no idea what he wears but it’s nice. His shirt (I got to put my arm around him) was very soft, couldn’t tell what the fabric was made of but I did wonder about it. Most importantly, I managed to not squee and mumble out a very excitable “it was nice meeting you” and he actually responded to that…can’t for the life of me remember what it he said, we were ushered from the picture area very quickly, but I heard a response. Is it weird I forgot how English he was going to be? Last thing I saw him in had him doing a very convincing American accent. Anyway, so that was fun and pretty crazy.

I also bought way too much stuff…or should I say the Eagle Scout bought way too much stuff for the both of us. I am now the proud owner of a Sword of Gryffindor because apparently I was in desperate need of a sword. I also have my very own Gryffindor robes, and a Spider Gwen hooded dress. We got quite a few really awesome pieces of art as well and an amazingly drawn deck of cards where the suits were changed to the four elements from ATLA. It also has really great pictures of lots of characters from the show. The Jokers are the foaming mouth guy and the cabbage man…which is just gold. We are most definitely broke now and I feel it was worth it.

The absolute best part though was all the awesome cosplayers we saw. If it weren’t for the epic swag and celebs you can meet at a con I would literally go, find a great place to sit and just watch people walk around. Actually, I spent a decent bit of Sunday just sitting and enjoying all the cosplayers that passed by me. In fact, I got so many pictures I’m going to upload all of them on my computer and just give you pictures from Megacon. But that probably won’t be up until tomorrow since I have lots of laundry and stuff to do tonight.

Sigh…after such a geektastic weekend it’s really hard to return to the regular world. I miss everyone getting my references already. Anyway, that’s all the gushing I’ll do today. Look for those pictures tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day guys and as always, thanks for reading.


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Years From Now- Shel Silverstein

Although I cannot see your face
As you flip these poems awhile,
Somewhere from some far-off place
I hear you laughing—and I smile.

This poem is the epitome of what good poems and good books make you feel. This is the epitome of what it’s like to find someone who loves the same books or poems you do. I wish I could find an abundance of words to describe better why I love this poem so much, but there is really no better way to say it. This is the connection between every book and poetry lover. Every fangirl and boy, every gamer, every comic book geek…this is the feeling that consumes you when you wear that Ravenclaw scarf, or Tardis dress, or Flash shirt, or slip a subtle reference into conversation and someone…maybe someone across the room, someone you’ve never seen or spoken to before nods in approval or compliments your outfit. This is why you can have the most comfortable conversation with a complete stranger on a bus when any other day of the week you’d just be hoping to disappear into the crowd or very far away from the crowd. When you have these moments, these things that you all appreciate together, suddenly you sense how not alone you are, how much of a community you have, even if you never seen it’s members. Suddenly, you can feel the thousands or millions of people watching just like you, laughing and crying and gasping all together, all at once, even if you’re oceans apart. This poem makes me smile because I know this feeling so very well, and I am glad to share it with everyone who’s ever felt it before.

P.S. Tomorrow we hit Z! can you believe we’ve made it to the end? I’ll be sad to see the challenge go, but I wanted to thank everyone who’s been following along and I wanted to do it here since tomorrow will cover several books and you won’t want a post script by the end of it. It’s been a wonderful April with you guys. I’ve had some great conversations and found some really interesting bloggers from this, so it really has been a pleasure. I was glad to have you all with me. Thanks for reading.


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Oh yes, I had to touch on this. The most important thing I need everyone to understand by the end of this post is that nerds and geeks are not the same thing! There are some very key differences between the two, despite the fact that media (King of the Nerds and other such references) has given non-geeks and geek adjacents the idea that these are interchangeable terms. So, let’s get into this.

First, and this is the most fundamental difference, nerds tend to be book smart. They are readers and they get good grades in school. They value knowledge for the sake of knowing. Nerds would be the valedictorians (not that geeks can’t be good at school too). Geeks, on the other hand, value knowledge about that which interests them. While a nerd might be acing the math test, a geek will only be acing it if math fascinates them. Geeks will delve deep into knowledge about whatever they geek out for. A comic geek will have extensive knowledge over the comic book universe of their choosing. A nerd who likes comics will not have an extensive knowledge of the comic book universe, but might have extensive knowledge of the comics she/he likes. Are we catching the difference so far? Okay, awesome.

So, I’ll make this a bit easier by using myself as an example. I have been a book nerd for basically my whole life. But I have only been a geek since the fourth Harry Potter book. As a nerd, I was top of my class, I was quiet and always had a book in my hand. I like other stuff, watched Sailor Moon and liked to imagine crazy fantastical worlds (and I was shocked to find I wanted to be a writer) but I was a nerd. Once i joined the HP fandom I crossed over into geek territory and decided I rather liked it there. I have not left since. See, simply enjoying something does not a geek make. Being…well, to put it bluntly, fanatical about something is what makes you a geek. We are a people with a slightly unhealthy love for the things we are interested in.

So, I hope this has been helpful. And, just to recap, geek and nerd are not synonymous. Geeks are obsessed with the things they like and nerds are obsessed with knowledge. They are both outcast and share a kinship to one another but they are two different types of people.

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