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Megacon Review

My feet still hurt and I’ve been back a full day now. But oh was it worth it! I had so much fun during the con…insanely stupid and unnecessary drama unfolded in the after hours part of the trip, but I won’t bore you guys with those details. Especially since I am trying to ignore them as best I can.

First and foremost for my excitable news…I met Tom Felton! Well, met is probably a strong word, we hardly had a conversation or anything, but me and some friends and the Eagle Scout did take a picture with him! A few weird fangirl tidbits: He smells great. I have no idea what he wears but it’s nice. His shirt (I got to put my arm around him) was very soft, couldn’t tell what the fabric was made of but I did wonder about it. Most importantly, I managed to not squee and mumble out a very excitable “it was nice meeting you” and he actually responded to that…can’t for the life of me remember what it he said, we were ushered from the picture area very quickly, but I heard a response. Is it weird I forgot how English he was going to be? Last thing I saw him in had him doing a very convincing American accent. Anyway, so that was fun and pretty crazy.

I also bought way too much stuff…or should I say the Eagle Scout bought way too much stuff for the both of us. I am now the proud owner of a Sword of Gryffindor because apparently I was in desperate need of a sword. I also have my very own Gryffindor robes, and a Spider Gwen hooded dress. We got quite a few really awesome pieces of art as well and an amazingly drawn deck of cards where the suits were changed to the four elements from ATLA. It also has really great pictures of lots of characters from the show. The Jokers are the foaming mouth guy and the cabbage man…which is just gold. We are most definitely broke now and I feel it was worth it.

The absolute best part though was all the awesome cosplayers we saw. If it weren’t for the epic swag and celebs you can meet at a con I would literally go, find a great place to sit and just watch people walk around. Actually, I spent a decent bit of Sunday just sitting and enjoying all the cosplayers that passed by me. In fact, I got so many pictures I’m going to upload all of them on my computer and just give you pictures from Megacon. But that probably won’t be up until tomorrow since I have lots of laundry and stuff to do tonight.

Sigh…after such a geektastic weekend it’s really hard to return to the regular world. I miss everyone getting my references already. Anyway, that’s all the gushing I’ll do today. Look for those pictures tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day guys and as always, thanks for reading.


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Hollywood Geeks

Yep, I’m going to give a little credit to the most famous geeks around. Most of these are going to be obvious, and since I don’t want to make this obnoxiously long, I’ll have to leave some people out, but these are probably the most influential and popular geeks we’ve had:


  • joss whedonJoss Whedon– He was an obvious choice when I was putting this list together. Joss Whedon is so big in geek culture you can’t throw the controller after rage quitting without hitting something he’s worked on or is working on. From Buffy to The Avengers to Firefly, Joss was there, is there. When geeks were worried about the Avengers movie, all the company had to say was “We put Joss Whedon in charge of directing,” and an audible sigh rang out across the geeky land, and their faith was not misplaced (not that it ever is with him) as the product was one of the best superhero movies to date.
  • kevin smithKevin Smith- Now, we will probably talk a bit more about him in Indie things because all of his films are indie movies. But other than that he also acts, he does podcasts, owns a comic book store, and is just one of the biggest fanboys you will ever meet. Kevin Smith is not as widely know as Joss Whedon outside of geek culture, but he is still someone people look forward to hearing about. He is so talented, when he was writing for Daredevil Stan Lee complemented his work.


  • nathan fillionNathan Fillion- Also an obvious choice. He and Joss Whedon worked together on Firefly, where Nathan played the infamous Captain Malcolm Reynolds leading his gang of “big damn heroes” all over space, doing whatever it took to keep flying…I really love Firefly. Anywho, Nathan now has his own show called Castle where he makes references to his time on Firefly constantly. Apparently Nathan isn’t over its cancellation either. He and Joss also worked on another production called Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, which can be found on Netflix if you are interested. More than that, he has done nothing to hide is overwhelming fanboy nature and that’s why we love him.
  • felicia dayFelicia Day- Oh, Felicia Day…She is a wonderfully geeky red head with a passion for cosplay and making guest appearances in other fandoms sending geeks everywhere into excited frenzies. She had her own webseries called The Guild which was about a group of geeks who are deeply immersed in their MMORPG (remember this from Gaming?) and play together, suddenly ending up meeting in real life. Just so you know, that does not happen as often as geek adjacents and non geeks have been led to believe. She has also appeared with Nathan in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. (Joss likes to use real geeks whenever possible) Felicia is a true geek girl, she sweet and humble and that’s why geeks love her.


  • george-rr-martinGeorge R.R. Martin- Well, he’s a member of a secret society of devil writers who like watching their readers suffer. Okay, maybe not, but reading his work is painful. The main rule you learn by the end of the first book is don’t get attached. Anyone and everyone could die. Despite that, we glutton for punishment geeks have fallen in love with the guy. It’s a sick and twisted sort of love, sort of like a mental Fifty shades of Grey (from what I’ve heard, I’d never read that garbage). But there is no denying that his fantastical and brutal world is wonderfully diverse and well thought out, and that’s something both geeks and book nerds love.
  • j rr tolkienJ. R. R. Tolkien- The author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit prequel, not to mention many other companion books for this world! I mean, did you really think he wouldn’t be on here? The man created languages, his worlds were so well thought out! I mean, This guy was just amazing! He thought everything out so well, the world he created is one of the biggest book worlds ever created and the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies are still some of the gold standards of book to movie interpretations.
  • JK-RowlingJ.K. Rowling- Come on, you knew I’d never leave her out. Also, in case some people still don’t know, it’s pronounced row-ling, like rolling-pin. Anyway, she authored my favorite series, and took me through my childhood. After that she published a few extra books widening the world she’d created and will be very much involved in the new trilogy coming out showing the American Wizarding World. She is a very intelligent and kind woman, and very active in charities having started two of her own. She also has a few other books out which are very different from the Harry Potter series, but still very good, proving that this woman is not slowing down any time soon.

A few who fall into misc:

  • Stan Lee- Marvel comics royalty! How could i leave him out…did I worry you for a moment? Yep, he made the list. But what geek list does Stan Lee not make? Known for his role in the creation of and writing of several of the biggest names in comic book history, and his now expected cameos and all Marvel superhero movies, Stan Lee is one of the biggest names in geek culture.
  • Mark Hamill– Luke Skywalker and the voice of Joker in cartoons and video games. Mark is most well know for i his amazing work as both. His work as Joker is actually what I praise him for the most, though I am a huge fan of the original Star Wars movies. Hamill’s Joker work is just flawless.
  • Seth Green– One of the biggest fanboys around. Plays Chris on Family Guy, has his own show Robot Chicken which is basically his doing weird things with all of his geek toys…action figures. You might also remember him from Austin Powers and Buffy. There really is hardly a geek around who has not worked with Joss Whedon.
  • David Tennant– Was the tenth Doctor on Doctor who and also made an appearance as Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Very vocal about his fanboy nature as well and an all around wonderful actor.
  • Alan Rickman– Nobody could have played Professor Severus Snape like Alan Rickman did. That monotone, that dry sarcasm…Rickman was Snape. Not to mention he was the depressed robot in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, another geektastic feature. I do hear book fans were torn on the movie, some liked it and others hated it. But I’m hoping they all agreed as much as I did, that Alan Rickman was still flawless.
  • George Lucas- I know you’re probably wondering how he’s only getting a blurb here. Well, as awesome as Star Wars and the huge world he created for it were, he’s been letting his geeks down since the prequels and I just am not happy enough with Lucas to give him a big old section. We all pretty much know who he is anyway, his name is decently mainstream. it’s the same reason people like Tom Hiddleston isn’t on this list.

Alright, there are a few of our top dogs of geek culture. I hope you all enjoyed and were pleasantly surprised if you recognized a name or two.

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