A to Z Challenge Post Script

I had more fun than I thought I would doing this years challenge for you guys. I few of the books I mentioned I hadn’t thought about in years and while rediscovering some was not fun, most were thoroughly enjoyable. I won’t say I never realized before how much I love expressing my opinion about the books I read because that would be a lie, but I had honestly never considered sharing those opinions on my blog. After this years challenge, however, I think I might be more inclined to do so. I’m currently read The Silkworm, the second Cormoran Strike novel, and I will probably have lots to say about it when it’s over (I have plenty to say already) so you should probably expect to hear all about it when I’m done.

I also wanted to express my humble gratitude towards everyone who has been following my blog since this challenge began. I always feel a mix of pride and surprise every time someone new pops up here and I’d just like you all to know that I’m thankful for all of you. I have found new blogs to check in on myself and I’m very excited about that as well. The things people come up with for this challenge are so unique and fun to read.

Anyway guys, more than anything I think I’m ready to get back to blogging regularly but not every day and I’m glad to have you all along for the ride. Until next time, thank for reading.


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