Zzzz…or My Favorite Bedtime Stories

Yay, we made it to the end guys! I hope you’re as excited as I am. Today, because it’s the end and this felt appropriate, we’re covering my favorite bed time stories growing up. Also, because I haven’t read any books that start with Z. I’ve got three books for you guys today, so let’s get to it.

1. Goodnight Moon:

GoodnightmoonThis one is a classic. I think everyone has at least heard of it once. Goodnight Moon is a book about a bunny who is going through her bedtime ritual of saying goodnight to everything in her room. The bunny says goodnight to her dollhouse, her kitten, her red balloon, etc. At the very end the bunny says goodnight to the moon and goes to sleep. I loved this book because there was something very calming about the ritual of saying goodnight to everything. As my grandmother read it to me, we would say goodnight with the bunny and as everything got dark and all the objects seemed to drift off to sleep together, I would find my eyes drooping as well. Even though the book is colorful with green walls and those crazy striped curtains, I was still calmed enough to drift off by the end of the book.

2. Where the Wild Things Are

where-the-wild-things-areThis was a weird little book about a boy named Max, who dons a wolf costume and wreaks havoc around his house so badly that he is sent to bed without supper. In his room and upset, he finds the place suddenly transforming into a jungle. He ends up sailing to a place inhabited by ferocious beats called ‘wild things’. After intimidating the creatures he is hailed as a king and spends his time running around and enjoying his new subjects. After a while though, Max decides to return home, though the wild things wish him to stay, and when he gets home he finds a hot meal waiting for him. This story was a lot of fun to read when I was younger, and I’ll admit I haven’t read it, or been read it, in a long time. But I still remember being fascinated by the wild things and jealous of the adventure Max went on. I wanted a wolf costume and to suddenly find myself sailing to a land of seemingly ferocious beasts. It was a really fun story, but I’ll admit, it did nothing to get me tired. I really just liked hearing it because it sent my imagination soaring, though that wasn’t the worst thing, as my musings would often turn into dreams without me noticing. I suspect, now that I’m older, that’s the only reason my grandmother continued to read it to me.

3. Corduroy

corduroyOh, this story still leaves me with so many emotions. I absolutely loved the little bear named Corduroy, who wanted nothing more than to be bought and loved by some small child. I used to always wish I could just pull him from the pages of his book and give him a home, imperfections and all.

Okay, so the plot follows Corduroy the teddy bear who sits on display in a department store. One day a little girl named Lisa comes in with her mother. Lisa spots Corduroy and wants to buy him, but her mother doesn’t want to spend money on him because a button is missing from his overalls. After they leave, and the store closes, Corduroy decides to go searching for the missing button himself. He ends up finding the furniture section and thinks one of the bed buttons is his missing button. He pulls and pulls on it, but fails to remove it, instead falling off the bed and making noise. The noise alerts the store security guard who finds Corduroy and puts him back in place. Corduroy is sad and thinks he’ll never have a home, but the next day Lisa returns. She has with her all the money from her piggy bank and uses it to buy Corduroy. At home she sews a button onto his overalls. The book ends with both expressing how they always wanted a friend and hugging. This story always made me feel so much. I was excited for Corduroy, then mad at the mother, then sad when the little teddy bear thought he’d never be bought. But when Lisa came back and took Corduroy home…well my heart was so full and happy every single time. I’d pull my own teddy bear close and hold it tight and promise to love it even if it gets ripped. I’d fall asleep still holding tight to my teddy, grateful for it and hoping he was as happy as Corduroy.


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  1. randommusings29

    Where the wild things are was one of my favourite books when I was a kid 🙂


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