Sunday Post!

Wait, what? I know, right? Since do I post on Sundays during the A to Z challenge? Well, yesterday the Eagle Scout’s mom watched Wreck-It Ralph for the first time and I was watching part of it with her when we came to a scene that bothered me every time I’ve watched this movie and I thought I’d just share my frustration with you all.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, I do suggest it. It’s fun and cute with lots of old school gaming jokes. For anyone who has seen it, do you remember the scene where the plot really takes off? That little jerk Gene tells Ralph at the party he wasn’t invited to that he could never get a medal or be a good guy and Ralph finally hits his tipping point? Okay, that’s not actually the scene I wanted to talk about, just a scene that’s important to my little rant. The actually scene I wanted to talk about is the one right before the resolution of the movie. Ralph comes home with his medal and Gene is the only one left and he tells Ralph they’re being unplugged tomorrow and it’s all Ralph’s fault because he ran off and then Fix-It Felix ran off to find Ralph. When Ralph tells Gene he didn’t want them to get unplugged, Gene gets all mad at Ralph and asks what he wanted. Ralph tells him he didn’t want to be alone in the garbage anymore, and Gene delivers this line, “Well, now you can be alone in the penthouse.” and walks off like he has such a right to act all holier than thou. That scene is the one that always pisses me off! Gene was a total dick to Ralph, and Ralph had to live in the garbage, no house or anything, just on the garbage, alone. Everyone else in his game hated him and never invited him to anything or offered him food or a place to sleep. Who would want that life? Who wouldn’t take any opportunity to make it better if given the chance? Of course Ralph went off for the medal, and it’s all Gene’s fault. That’s why that scene pisses me off, because Gene is the real problem, the real reason they are possibly going to be unplugged and he has the nerve to blame Ralph and act like he didn’t do anything wrong. I always wondered if anybody shared that issue. A few of my friends did , but a lot of people I brought it up to seemed shocked when I shared that point of view. Then again, they could’ve just been shocked that held such passionate feelings for a moment in a kid’s movie, but that’s neither here nor there.



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2 responses to “Sunday Post!

  1. I haven’t seen that one. When my stepdaughter was younger, we saw all of those movies, but she’s 16 now and not so much into them!



    • GeekyLola

      I really enjoyed it. It’s got a lot of old school gaming jokes so quite a few of the kids didn’t laugh as much as the older people who went to see it.


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