The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

This is a kid’s book I read to my youngest sister when I was about thirteen. She didn’t really enjoy it, but I was surprisingly amused by the story. It helps that I like weird stories and unusual retellings of classic fairy tales.

truestoryThe premise of this story is that the “big bad wold” is not actually big or bad. He’s just an innocent wolf and the media has portrayed him as something worse than what he is, so he’s finally stepping forward to tell the truth. Mr. Wolf explains that he was just trying to make some cake for his granny’s birthday, only to discover he’s out of sugar. He goes to his neighbor’s house, the first pig, and asks for some but he says no. Then the wolf sneezes, he has a cold you see, and the pig’s house topples. When Mr. Wolf discovers the poor pig is dead, he eats him. The same thing happens at the second pig’s house. At the third pig’s house he still gets a no, but his sneeze doesn’t topple this house since it’s made of brick. The police then show up and arrest the wolf. Now he’s stuck in jail, the third pig is telling lies about him and his poor granny still has no cake.

The author of this book, Jon Scieszka, does all sorts of weird little stories, The Stinky Cheese Man, The Frog Prince Continued, and Math Curse, just to name a few. If I had to describe him, I’d say his books are what Tim Burton would write if he wrote books. And I love Tim Burton movies, so this was really amusing for me. If that’s your sort of weird I’m sure you’d enjoy it too. Also, since it’s a kid’s book, it’ll take you like five minutes to read to a child and two to read by yourself. Even the cover amused me, since it looks like a news paper and in the corner you see the third little pig’s hand holding on to it. Anyway, it’s just a funny little story about the wolf’s side of what happened.



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5 responses to “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

  1. At least I was able to get to you through the reader (under the A to Z tag).

    What a fun sounding take on a classic!


  2. I love the Stinky Cheese Man! One of those books parents will enjoy as much as kids. I think I may have read, or at least heard about, this wolf tale. Love the twist on the classic, which btw I always liked the wolf better in that one, too.


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