No Country for Old Men

I had to read this story for my English class. My teacher and her husband, who I later took for my creative writing class, both love this author, Cormac McCarthy, but if this book is any indication, I’m not such a fan.

Cormac_McCarthy_NoCountryForOldMenThe story follows three main guys. One happens upon the aftermath of a Mexican Standoff while hunting. One of the guys isn’t completely dead but the man, Llewelyn Moss, ignores him and goes in search of the “last man standing” who wasn’t exactly standing anymore. There he finds a lot of money. He takes the money and returns home, but feels bad for the guy he left bleeding out and circles back to bring him water. When he returns to the sight, however, the man has been shot dead and he sees a new car parked up near where he parked his own vehicle. Thus begins the hunt for Llewelyn Moss, that is a large part of the central story. One of the men chasing him is Anton Chigurh (pronounced like sugar) who is the second of the three main characters. He does this thing where he tosses a coin to see if he’s going to kill you, very Two-Face (Batman reference). He’s all big on fate and stuff. He has been hired to find the money Moss took and so he begins hunting Moss down. Ed Tom Bell is the Sheriff investigating the drug crime that Moss is mixed up in, and the third main character of the story. He is trying to stop Chigurh and keep Moss safe. The story is basically one of cat and mouse, and an old man, Bell, who is beginning to wonder if there is room left in this world for an old man like him.

I wasn’t really a fan of the book, to be honest with you all. I know it got many rave reviews but it just wasn’t my kind of story. Also, the author, McCarthy, does not use any punctuation when he writes and that drives me absolutely insane. There were so many times when I got lost about who was talking and what was going on because there was no way to tell when dialogue began or the inflection of what was being said. I would read over paragraphs two or three times just to catch the meaning. It drove me absolutely mad. It didn’t help that the actual plot was not my usual taste so I was very uninterested in seeing the story through to the end. The actually ending was a bit disappointing to me as well. I mean, I’ll give it that it was decently realistic, but it fell flat in my mind. If you’re read other books by the author I’m sure you know enough about him to decide for yourself if you’d like to pick this one up, but for me, I won’t be running to the shelves for another McCarthy book anytime soon.



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4 responses to “No Country for Old Men

  1. I read “The Road” and loved it. I tried “All the Pretty Horses” and couldn’t get through it. I’m not a fan of Westerns and that is what it seemed like. In fact, it seems kind of similar to the story you are describing in No Country for Old Men. However, the Road is amazing. I would recommend that one if you are a fan of dystopian lit. Just don’t read it if you are depressed because it is not a light-hearted read.


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