Kristen and P.C. Cast

Here we have two authors. Why am I talking about them today instead of presenting a book? Simple, because they upset me very much and they upset me with a book series I was actually very excited to read. Also, because as it turns out I have not read a book that starts with K and not very many authors that start with it either.

You might have heard me mention, if you are a frequent reader, the House of Night series. If not, allow me to explain. In this series, vampyres are well known as existing. They aren’t chased down and killed or anything, but they are shunned by normal society, and especially religious groups. When you are marked by a vampyre tracker you get this crescent moon symbol on your forehead and must find a vampyre school before nightfall or you’ll die. This girl, Zoey, gets marked (hence the name of the first book) and must get to the vampyre school, there she makes new friends and enemies and is singled out to become the leader of the Dark Daughters, this esteemed group of fledglings (what they call those not fully changed into vampyres). At the beginning of the series I really liked Zoey. She was a bit geeky like me, and she was really cool and down to earth. However, by the second book she’d turned into a total Mary Sue. Every guy wanted her, every girl envied her. She had the best powers, she was magically stronger than everyone else and jumping ahead in her classes and changing faster and all this stuff and the worst part? She complained about it the whole time. She was crying over three guys liking her, one of which was a teacher. More annoying than that was the fact that she got herself into all this trouble and made all these (obviously) bad decisions and then acted like she was the victim. I couldn’t even finish the series, which is a first for me.

So why, then am I singling out the authors? Well, that should be obvious, but it’s because they did this and I’m very upset. You had a character, and I’m going to assume you fully fleshed her out before you started writing her, but I’m not actually sure you did because you changed everything about her from book 1 to book 2. She is not even close to the same person in the second book, and there was no lead into this sex crazed man-eater she became. As an author, your job is to make sure if your character must grow and change that they do exactly that, grow and change. You don’t get to just decide in the second book you want her to be completely different and then do that. It has to seem realistic…yes, even in a fantasy world. As much as I disliked Twilight, even Stephanie Meyer knew this and kept her characters consistent. My point is, this is probably really just a rant to show my anger at the two of you and what you did to a pretty decent character with a pretty interesting plot line. More than anything, I think I’m angry with the two of you for making it impossible for me to finish this series because the plot was good and I really did want to know how it all turned out, but you made it too hard to keep going. I was getting angry with Zoey more than I was enjoying the story and I had to quit.

So, my dear readers, my final say is, don’t bother. I’d just read the wiki page on this because while the plot was great the main character was unbearable and I can’t trust these authors to do a main character justice so I’d be reluctant to read anything else that they write.


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