The Explanation

Hey guys, I know it’s been an insanely long time since I last blogged anything, even just to remind you all I’m still alive. There is a reason for that, actually.

Ever since WordPress changed it does not agree with my current internet browser, I’m not sure why, but it won’t load enough for me to be able to post anything. At this moment I am on a friend’s computer posting for you all. Until I figure out how to fix this problem I won’t be posting more stories or any mind ramblings, though I have tons for you. It’s obviously not just the browser, I can’t get a new one on my computer because it’s old and we are planning on wiping it and upgrading it so it runs faster and just all around better, so there’s also that.

Anyway, I’m really sorry to everyone who has been sticking by me through all the lulls in posts and all the stories and challenges. I appreciate every single one of you and I’m really sorry. I should be back once we handle all the computer issues. Hopefully that will be soon, I’d like to participate in the next A to Z Challenge to welcome myself back, but we’ll see how this goes. Anyway, that’s where I’m at and once again thank you all for sticking it out with me.

On the plus side I think I have a few drafts that I meant to post for you guys a while ago before everything went to crap and I’ll make sure those are finished and post them all today just so there’s like a few things on there and it’s not completely dead here.

Hope to be posting for you all soon!



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