Not like the great big cosmos out there in space…that’s nerd stuff and I can’t even begin to explain to you how little I know about space. No, when I say universes I mean as they pertain to books, movies and comics. In the case of geek culture, universes are much less complicated than the thing that NASA deals with.

Okay, so Universes come into play a lot in comics. First there are major universes, like Marvel or DC, then there are the universes within those universes. Most super heroes have had many different versions of themselves running around and have died and come back to life many times over. Each universe has a name and usually when discussing that universe or a specific version of a super hero, since the one I know the most about is Spiderman, we’ll use him as an example, the universe is said in front of the hero’s name.

In Ultimate Spiderman, the universe is called the Ultimate Universe and is a very big one, Peter Parker sacrificed himself in some epic battle and the new Spiderkid on the block is Miles Morales who is black and Hispanic. However, in Superior Spiderman Doctor Octopus is now in the body of Peter Parker and Pater Parker, in the body of the not so good Doctor, is dead. There is also the Amazing Spiderman Universe, there was also Spiderman 2099…lot’s of different versions of Spiderman running around in alternate universes. So depending on the universe different things can be happening, which is why it’s important to know which one you are discussing when someone brings it up.

Now for books this idea is much more simplistic. There is only one universe, unless your book has been turned into a movie, in which case you have book universe and movie universe. People will definitely differentiate seeing as in the movie it never happens exactly as it did in the book. More over, sometime nothing happened like it did in the book in which case book fans will treat them like they don’t even relate to each other.

See? Our universes are not nearly as complex as…our universe. I bet now you understand why people are always talking about the Avengers movie being a mix of universes. Though I, personally, believe the Marvel movies should be considered their own universe, as should DC movies because they usually try to mix the universes and that makes something new…how many times did I say universe in this post?



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2 responses to “Universes

  1. I think the Marvel movies ARE considered their own universe. Isn’t that why people refer to “the Marvel Cinematic Universe” as a separate thing from the various comics?

    “how many times did I say universe in this post?”

    23. No, I didn’t count them.


    • geekylola

      Haha, wow I didn’t actually expect to get an answer on that one.
      Yes, some people do consider them their own universe but some people also debate what universe they are supposed to be following. That’s why I pointed it out.

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