Taking a Look Back

There are a lot of shows coming out that used to be shows when I was younger, but they have been reworked and changed and with all of this happening I keep thinking of my own childhood of wonderful geektastic shows and it makes me a little sad, and it makes me want to look back over them and see what has changed and what has stayed the same…if anything has stayed the same. So, I’m just going to talk about the old shows I used to watch and their remakes and see what’s going on here.

First off, there’s Pokemon. By the time they redid it, I was far past the age of watching it. To be honest I only caught about two episodes of the new series but I have to say I don’t like it. I don’t really like much of the newer generation of Pokemon either. Now, I’ll give the games one thing, they are getting better as they go one, but the show is heading in the opposite direction. The kids look even crazier than they did before, I mean the girl Ash rides around with has the most ridiculous hair I have ever seen! And candles as Pokemon? Ugh…it ‘s just not my thing anymore. It seems so much softer as a story than it used to be…a theme I find is all over the place when I look at remakes I’ve seen.

Take Teen Titans, for example. I sat through half an episode before I got depressed and turned it off. The characters don’t seem to be as in depth and complex as they used to be. They have gone much the same way as TMNT, where the writers have taken the base personality point and made that all that they are. How are children supposed to know a good character from a bad one when they are all so one dimensional? Watching these shows is like reading bad fanfiction, basically the writer was like Donny is smart so now he’s completely a nerd, no other points to him, he’s just a nerd. Oh Beast Boy was goofy, lets make him a goofy idiot, because being silly instantly makes you an idiot as well. Like wise a fanfiction writer would say Hermione was smart so I’m just going to write her always talking about books and reading and…you guys get my point right? There was more than just that one aspect to all these characters.

There is one show they are bringing back that I’m actually interested in looking into though. Sailor Moon was my favorite anime growing up. I liked it best because it was about a group of crime fighting girls and I’ve always had a soft spot for strong female characters. I was really sad when it was over. It was one of the reasons I was draw to geek life more as I grew older, since they have plenty of strong female characters to look up to (but I’ll hit on that more in X). So, as you can imagine, when I heard they were bringing it back I got really excited. I honestly have not seen any of it yet, but I know there are a few things I hope don’t change. I hope they keep her transformation sequence the same. I know some women were annoyed that she got new nail polish just to fight crime, but honestly I don’t see why it matters that a girl is girly and kicks butt. If anything I think that’s better than seeing this hard core tomboy always being the crime fighter. Girls who like dresses should know they can be tough too. I also hope they don’t change how funny and kind and clumsy she was when she wasn’t Sailor Moon. I mean the girl had flaws, and that made her more relatable. I felt like since I was also clumsy I could see a bit of myself in her.

These are the kinds of things that draw people to characters. This is why one dimensional characters upset me so much. You can’t really relate to a character if they have no flaws or are all flaws. If the story never delves into more human aspects of super heroes or ninja turtles why would we keep watching? I miss the complexity I used to watch on Saturday morning or night. It’s all so silly now and I miss the old shows, but at the same time, I’m happy that kids now found something they can enjoy, even if it’s a watered down version of my childhood.


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  1. This was a very interesting post. I think the problem is that some of today’s writers tend to talk down to the young people watching the shows. They don’t realize how smart and quick minded today’s youth are so they just keep putting out lame shows that end up tanking. They need to take some time and put some effort into the characters and the plot. My son watched Teen Titans when it was first out and I really enjoyed watching it with him. I’m sad to know that the new shows are so poorly done.


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