Shipping, or The Titanic

I’m not even kidding you guys. Have a ship often ends like the maiden voyage of the Titanic. But, before I get into all of that let me at least tell you what the hell shipping is. Shipping is a term originally derived from the word relationSHIP. It is a term used by fans to describe their desire for two characters, or sometimes (but rarely to my knowledge) two celebrities, being involved either romantically or in a friendship. Shipping is huge in fandoms, it is probably the greatest source of fandom fighting. When people ship characters they have pretty strong feelings about other ships, especially when they contradict a personal ship. There is some shipping lingo you’ll need to know to truly understand what your fandom geek is talking about.

OTP- Stands for One True Pairing. This is the pairing or ship your geek loves and stands by above all others. This is their absolute favorite coupling. Now, it is possible for people to ship couples and never land on an OTP, but if they do have one, they will be fiercely against any other pairings that involve their OTP with other people. OTP is never pluralized unless the person has more than one because it is understood that OTP is two individuals.

Now, there are several variations of OTP used to easily explain feelings towards other aspects of shipping. BrOTP is your One True Friendship Pairing. These are the two who you feel should be best friends because their platonic relationship is just so perfect. It is pronounced Bro-TP for obvious reasons. On the flip side there is something called a NOTP, which is the pairing you absolutely hate the most. You would never put them together because they make no sense to you or are gross or just anything that makes you completely averse to this pairing. It is pronounced No-TP. And of course on the friendship side of that there is a NoBrOTP, the friendship pairing you hate the most.

Most ships have names…so do fandom ships. The most simplistic ship names are the combining of two characters names into one, you know like Hollywood was doing celebs (i.e. Brangelina and Bennifer or whatever)? So Harry and Ginny form Harry Potter are Hinny, and Ron and Hermione are Romione. In OUAT (Once Upon a Time) The Evil Queen and Emma Swan are SwanQueen (This is my OUAT BrOTP) and Snow White and Prince Charming are Snowing.

But there are also more complicated ship names that might leave you guessing a bit as to what characters they are. Some you can guess at, like OutlawQueen (Robin Hood and Regina the Evil Queen my OTP from OUAT). Some might have you scratching your head until you hear who it is, like Garden of Dreams is Neville and Luna…think on that one and you’ll understand why.

So the reason I say shipping is like being on the Titanic is often times your ships don’t end up together or they do and there is just so much heartbreak! Just ask OutlawQueen shippers. Ah, yes, people who ship are called shippers though if you ask me we could totally come up with something better than that…I mean Garden of Dreams is so inpired and then we lost it on naming ourselves. Just tossing out ideas, since i’m already on this tangent, shipmates, crew, seamen (scratch that, too many joke opportunities)…anyway, shipping comes with lots of pain and loss, but shippers are true loyalist. We go down with our ships, even when it hits the bottom of the ocean.

So, there you go, that’s shipping. It’s painful, it’s wonderful, its hopelessly romantic…and I do mean hopelessly. But now at least you understand what people are talking about when they talk ships. You’ve also been throughly warned not to join one…it hurts so much.


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  1. Interesting info. Love the OUAT references!


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