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Alright, so this is me, trying to be super helpful to all my geeks and geek adjacents. If you need to find something to buy as a present or looking for hard to find cosplay items, these are a few places I have shopped online and find they are usually a great place to start the search.

Etsy– It’s like Amazon and eBay rolled into one. The shops are owned by small businesses and individuals who just like making things and want to sell them. I go there for basically all of my gift shopping now because you can search for what you want and there’s plenty of categories to choose from. They have tons of handmade things, lots of cosplay accessories. There’s no bidding either, but this stuff comes from all over the world so make sure you see where you’re buying from before you do so you are sure you have enough time for your things to come in. Just an example of some of the things I’ve bought: Paopu fruit plushie halves for me and the bf. A Beemo pillow. Handmade soaps. Many Harry Potter themes things, such as hats and jewelry. But the best part is that it’s not just geek themed items, I can shop for the whole family here and most of the shop owners are very nice, I haven’t had a bad experience yet.

TeeTurtle– It’s decently geekcentric. The tees are usually very cute or very funny. Lots of geek and nerd jokes. It’s a great place to look if you really just haven’t got an idea, and they usually always have items for sale. Best part is they don’t just sell t-shirts. You can get the designs you like on shirts, hoodies, stickers, posters…a nice variety of things.

ThinkGeek– This is one of the best geek ware shops I’ve ever found. All of their stuff is categorized and there is almost always a sale going on, so things get marked down pretty frequently. They don’t just sell apparel, they also sell decorations and house hold items. They have ice trays that look like Han Solo frozen in carbonite…it’s great! They sell some of the harder to find items as well, such as the more expensive Light Sabers (if it’s not obvious they have a pretty huge Star Wars section). They also have decently big Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel and video game sections. But those are not the only things they cover. They have gifts for pretty much every geek in your family, and they offer gift wrapping.

If none of these really work for you, i suggest looking more local or sticking to places like Amazon, eBay or just search Google, because you’d be amazed what you can find if you just search for it.


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  1. Never heard of TeeTurtle, thanks!


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