Yep, here we are. I have realized that there are somethings I have not answered throughout this challenge but am frequently asked about the geeky things I talk about. Since I know that I can’t cover everything in this diverse and rich culture (sounds crazy, but i promise it really is), I have decided to at least answer some FAQ that I and friends of mine hear often.

This first section will pertain to the linguistics of Geek Life:

1. What is head cannon?

So, I believe I told you what canon was earlier, but just in case I’ll repeat it. Canon is what actually happened in the story. So J.K. telling us who marries who is canon. But my idea of what Teddy Lupin is like after the war is over is head canon. As in, because there isn’t much information on him, I get to make up what I believe him to be like because there is no canon on him, and that becomes my head canon. What, in my mind, I believe to be true.

2. What does SPaG stand for?

Spelling and Grammar. Usually used when people are pointing out little mistakes you’ve made, often on your fanfiction. Fanfiction being the fiction fans write about the stories that other people have created, but they love. It’s basically being able to pretend that one thing you wanted to happen, did happen.

3. What does PWP stand for?

Porn Without Plot, or Plot? What Plot? These are smut stories that are basically fan fantasies about characters they wanted to hook up. There is no story line, no plot. These are pure smut stories.

4. What is slash?

Slash is used in reference to gay romance stories. However, the difference between slash and a normal pairing of gay characters is the characters being paired in slash are not gay, and sometimes (it’s about to get really weird) related. So slash is only used to describe a fan fiction story where straight characters are being portrayed as gay for the sake of the story and quite often include sexual scenes that go beyond kissing.

5. What are lemons and limes?

Lemons are sex scenes that are very descriptive. These scenes go over every detail of the sexual encounter. Limes, on the other had are the soft-core version of sex scenes. The reader knows the characters just had sex but there is not abundance of detail.

6. What is a Mary Sue?

A Mary Sue is pretty much the worst thing a character can be, in my opinion. A Mary Sue is basically a perfect character, she’s quite often a self-insert, as in the author but with a different name and basically everything the author wishes they were in real life. Mary Sue is the most beautiful girl in all the land. Mary Sue is intelligent and funny. Mary Sue has guys lining up around the block to date her. Mary Sue is kind and insightful. There is nothing wrong with Mary Sue, and that is exactly why everything is wrong with Mary Sue. What’s the point of a character who will never grow because she’s already perfect? The male version of Mary Sue is Gary Stu.

This next section is about Geek Life in general:

1. Why do some people play tabletop games instead of video games?

Tabletop games are sometimes more fun than video games, in my opinion, because tabletops are always new. The story is forever changing and you never play the same game twice. I mean, you can love a video game and the ones that allow different options give you slight variations in the story depending on your choices, but there are a finite amount of options and outcomes. With tabletop games, there are infinite options for how your game will turn out. Infinite beginnings, infinite endings, because imaginative people imagine different things. That’s why some people would choose tabletops over video games.

2. How are geek parties different from normal parties?

Ummm…I don’t know? They make geeky references? Some people might play video games? Sometimes they are in cosplay while doing so? I can’t really answer this question because it’s sort of a stupid not stupid question…does anyone understand that? I mean, it makes sense why you would think it would be really different from a “normal people party” but normal is relative. So, “geek parties” are normal parties to me. And if you mean do geeks drink, the answer is it depends on the geek, just like every other person. You don’t get thrown out the club for drinking. If it helps, at the parties I go to some people drink, some people don’t. Usually someone brings out a party fighter and a group plays that, sometimes they play drunk because it’s funnier that way. A decent chunk of people actually get my references, which is nice and there are no hard-core drugs…but sometimes there is Hookah. Does that help?

3. How do you keep all that stuff in your head?

Same way you retain all the information you do. It interests me, so I hold on to it, file it away in the section that one files away interesting things. Just because you don’t know what I’m talking about when I’m rambling on about it doesn’t mean it’s any different from how confused I am when you ramble on about sports I don’t understand. So…I guess we really aren’t that different.

4. What’s it about?

I usually get this question when I tell someone I like Doctor Who…and it’s painful because the most simple explanation get’s me weird looks and the most complicated question still doesn’t even scratch the surface. The thing I want to say to people who ask their geeky friends this question is, it’s hard for us to explain what our shows are about because we dig so deep into them it’s hard to simplify what they are about. I mean, a man who is very old and the very last of his kind saving the universe with his companion and blue box that’s bigger on the inside doesn’t really cover it. Two brothers who hunt monsters with a weird angel that doesn’t get most things, isn’t what Supernatural is really about. But saying it’s about family and tough moral choices also doesn’t really cover it. So, please, for us geeks, stop asking and just watch and episode or two. Take a leap of faith and just watch it.



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2 responses to “Questions?

  1. I remember that Supernatural ep when they find out that there’s fanfiction about the brothers hooking up, and they’re appalled. I had not been aware of that fanfiction before (I was never that into Supernatural even when I was watching it…sorry), but that made me laugh still.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity


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