First things first, manga is not anime. Though most animes were manga first. Basically anime is to manga what movie adaptations are to books, only since they are shows they are much closer to the actual manga…so more like GoT show to book.

Now, geeks who like manga usually (always) like anime too. These are your Anime Geeks, or if they are obsessed to the point of loving Japanese culture as a whole, they jump to weeaboo territory. A weeaboo is a geek who has become so obsessed with Japanese culture/anime and manga that they try to act as though they were Japanese…other geeks are not usually fond of weeaboos because they tend to be hipster annoying. And they spend a lot of time saying “Actually, in Japan…” even if they’ve never actually been to Japan. Asians are not usually fond of weeaboos because they find them racist.

Like I said before, most anime shows were first manga. The thing about manga are that they are Japanese so they are written from right to left, instead of left to right. Most are printed in black and white instead of color and I can’t really read them because they hurt my eyes after long periods. The thing is, even though I’m used to black and white because I read books, it’s different with manga because they are basically graphic novels. Anyway, just a warning to people with bad eyesight, you might want to just watch the show.

There are plenty of different types of manga, action, adventure, sci-fi, even romance so there is something for everyone. I have never gotten into anime to the same extent of Anime Geeks, and I have never gotten into manga, though I’ve read one or two (and I think my eyesight is what kept me from really enjoying it). But I have seen the sections devoted to it in bookstores and the selection is impressive. So, if you ever wanted to check it out you will usually find it in a bookstore (like Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million) near the YA section, in the same row they put the comic books.

And that’s all my knowledge of manga. Enjoy.


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  1. I admit, I’ve only ever seen one anime and it was just a little too strange for my liking. I’m all about straight forwardness and the show apparently had a lot of layers of symbolism. It’s nice to understand what is what. Thank you!
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