I swear I didn’t just make up a word! LARP is actually an acronym…we use those a lot in geek culture as we tend to be a very lazy bunch. LARP stand for Live Action Role Play. Now, I’m sure you remember what roleplay means in video games but this would be closer to the roleplaying I described in the Dungeons and Dragons post, because Dungeons and Dragons is a game largely based on its players abilities to roleplay the character they have invented. LARPing is both similar and different.

There are different types of LARPing. There is LARPing is that is sort of like taking DnD off the table and out into the field and there is LARPing more commonly refereed to war reenactments. Yep, those guys are technically LARPers as well. I mean come on, how did you not know history buffs were geeks?

So DnD LARPing, which is what I call it but I’m sure there is another name for it but I wouldn’t know since I don’t LARP, is when you act out a character from a fantasy based world and embody that character for a certain period of time, and usually fight as that character. Let’s face it, as we get older we need conflict of the character gets stale, unlike when we were younger and just being someone else was awesome. Basically a scenario is given with some back story and you add your character and their back story and then you roleplay and let the story create itself. I hear it’s fun if people really get into it, and let’s face it, why would you be out there if you don’t plan on getting into it?

Then there is the most simplistic style of LARPing, once again to my understanding, where you just battle. You decide on basic character traits like what type of weapons you use and then you are given a side to fight for and you wage war until someone wins. Winning varies based on what the rules of particular battles are. Even this can get pretty complex though as there may be generals and battle tactics are implemented. All in all, I feel it’s very rare to find a LARPing situation that’s not fascinating to watch if nothing else. And some of these battles can get pretty big too. You’d be amazing how large the LARPing community really is.


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