Indie Things

I know…most people are like whaaaaa’? Hear me out, see a lot of awesome geeky things are also indie things and probably don’t have a big following. Most people don’t really go for indie things because, well, they are indie. People get worried they might be seen as Hipster or they just don’t want to take the risk it when they know companies that they are sure they like. But the thing about indie things are, because there is not big mother company behind them, they get to break the mold a lot more.

I mean, do you guys remember the first time you played a game that really broke the mold? Really broke the mold, not like better graphics and more ability to break the background stuff. What was the game that changed the way you looked at your favorite genre of game? Do you remember how mind-blowing that moment was? Indie games have the ability to be that game again because nobody is forcing the game creators to stick to tried and true methods. The graphics aren’t always as awesome as big company game would have, but sometimes a story is worth crappy graphics.

I sure anyone who’s watched an indie film knows what I mean. It’s fun to be genuinely surprised by the end of the movie where the guy doesn’t always get the girl and everything might not be wrapped up in a neat little bow by the end. Questions might be left unanswered and there is a sense that life continued on after filming stopped. That’s what i like about indie films, the lack of obviousness that comes with the story.

Now, some indie things aren’t so indie anymore. Kevin Smith films are technically indie, but he’s a very well-known guy now…or at least decently well-known, so while some of his works, The Clerks, are cult classics and very much indie films some of his other stuff is a little less indie. The story telling is still very much in that realistic style where things don’t always work out. The Walking Dead is another example. The comic book company that produces those books is technically an indie company. But there’s hardly a person around who hasn’t at least heard of the show. Sometimes that happens, but the good thing about it is that, while the show might get a bit obvious and lose it’s edge, the comics are still done by an indie company so you can always just go pick those up and be shocked all over again.

Basically, all I’m saying is that there are some awesome indie things out there that might deserve another look.



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4 responses to “Indie Things

  1. I enjoy Indie movies and music, although I don’t think it’s just because they are Indie. They still have to meet my entertainment criteria. I am willing to give them more latitude to get where they are going. Found you on the A to Z challenge. Found you on A to Z!


    • geekylola

      Oh yeah, absolutely. I don’t think indie things are inherently better. I just think a lot of people don’t give them a chance because they don’t hold the same weight as some big name things. Also I usually find that indie things, movies especially, are more shocking and unexpected than big budget Hollywood things because they follow different formulas and don’t usually feel like the same thing over and over again.


  2. I love indie games and books – so much can be explored that big publishers in either format don’t or can’t approve – but I always find indie movies to be strange. I leave with confusion or annoyance.

    2015 A to Z Blogger
    Visions of Other Worlds


    • geekylola

      I think it depends on the movie. Some are weird because they can be, but some are nice because they seem more real. Like Horns, it’s a newish indie movie with Daniel Radcliffe…based off a book and weird if you don’t like weird and quirky things. But Chef, also and indie movie, is very easy to understand and comes to a natural close without being ridiculously cliched. So, like all things, it depends on what you pick up and what you like.


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