Gaming and Gamers

Aaaand….cue nerd rage! Raging is literally at it’s finest (or worst, depending on how you look at it) here! So I already told you a bit about consoles when we went over electronics, now I get to tell you a bit about the people who use them. Gamers are a wide and diverse group of geeks…though some of those who game are not considered gamers or even geeks. When it comes to gaming there is a certain level of superiority felt by certain gamers over each other. Lets get into that.

First, we have “real gamers” versus “casuals”. Anyone who plays party games, phone games, or casual mode on any game they play, is considered a “casual” by other gamers. You will sometimes hear the joke made that they are “filthy casuals”, by other gamers. I, personally, do not like the idea of insulting people who game just because they aren’t gamers. Once again this is sort of like being a geek for books versus being a book nerd. You can enjoy playing games without being a gamer. I will state though, that people are only called casuals if the claim to be gamers but the only games they play are Just Dance, Candy Crush and Mario Party.

Once we get into the realm of “real gamers” we find different gaming preferences. I am an FPS or RPG girl, myself….or an FPSRPG, those do happen. Don’t worry, I’m about to explain what both of those mean.

  • FPS– That stands for First Person Shooter. FPS games are games where you are watching things happen in first person and you are fighting. So in Call of Duty you are the soldier and you are fighting other soldiers. However, not all games where you shoot things and have the ability to go into first person view are first person shooters. The main point of a FPS is combat. Fighting waves of enemies with a variety of ranged weapons. Some well-known First Person Shooters are: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Doom, GoldenEye007 and Halo.
  • TPS– Literally the exact same thing as an FPS only you are viewing in third person instead. I have only included this to give examples so you may better understand a FPS. Well known Third Person Shooters include: Gears of War and Warframe
  • RPG– Stands for Role-playing Games. These are the games were you are living the life of someone else. Now this might sound like that’s every game ever invented, but the key difference between any other game and an RPG is you are making important decisions that will alter the character’s path and change moments in the story. This means you will actually decide what your character says in response to certain questions and this decides what type of person your character is. You also usually get to decide what your character will look like. Well known Role-playing Games include: Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Skyrim.
  • MMO– Stands for Massive Multiplayer Online. This basically means you have a giant explorable world that you and millions of others make characters for and play online. Most often these are RPGs. But you will also find some that are not. Well known MMOs include: World of Warcraft, EverQuest and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  • Simulators- Pretty self-explanatory is this not? Games that simulate things that have happened or you could do in real life. The most popular Simulator game is literally named for what it is, The Sims. There are also flight sims, driving sims, and war sims.
  • Sandboxes– These are games where you are pretty much thrown into a world and left to your own devices. There are different types of Sandboxes. Games like Grand Theft Auto offer you a story line that you may or may not choose to follow. Then there are Sandbox Creators like the Tycoon franchise which let you build a city, zoo or theme park and manage it.
  • Platforms– These games have been around for a long time. They are usually some of the easiest games to play. The most basic of platforms is jumping from platform to platform in the attempt to reach your end goal. In the more complex sense they are somewhat puzzle games. You must figure out how to get around objects or past enemies to keep moving forward. The best example I can give you is the original Donkey Kong, you know the one where Mario is trying to save the girl who isn’t Princess Peach and DK is throwing barrels to keep him away?
  • Side Scrollers– These are usually 2D games, but it is not unheard of to find a 3D side scroller. The defining factor of a side scroller is that it is viewed from alongside the map. You are never in front of or behind the character you are controlling. Original side scrollers only allowed for your character to go forward. But as time went on, it became possible to, not only go back, but also up and down. Two of the most well known side scrollers are Super Mario and Little Big Planet.

Alright, and there you have it. Now, a lot of these games can be considered more than one thing. For example WoW (World of Warcraft) is an MMORPG so it is a giant online role-playing game. But the are all usually mostly defined by their biggest attribute.


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