Alright, before I begin E I had a funny story for you guys. Yesterday night, as I was in bed about to doze off, I jumped up and started freaking out, I mean an almost full blown panic mode, because I had forgotten to post for the challenge. It wasn’t until I hit the computer room that I remembered it was Sunday, and there is no post on Sunday…so, at least you know I’m taking this seriously! Alright, back to the challenge!

All geeks have some that they like. I’m gonna name you a few here and the types of geeks you’ll usually see using them, though I would imagine some of this should be obvious.

Computers Usually tech geeks and gamers are seen on these. Though, clearly, this is not just geek tech. Everyday people are also seen on computers all the time. The only difference is that every day people aren’t usually complaining about their graphics cards or how many gigs of ram they have left.

Xbox Obviously used for the gaming geeks. There is a bit of a kerfuffle (I enjoy this word) going on between Xbox gamers and PlayStation gamers. The newest Xbox on the market is the Xbox 1. Now if you have yourself a geek in possession of an Xbox, you’ll want to stick to getting Xbox related things for them. It is rare to see a console geek switch loyalties. Xbox is owned by Microsoft.

PlayStation Owned by Sony. As previously mentioned, a gamer loyal to PlayStation will stay loyal to PlayStation. Getting them Xbox related things will upset them. The newest PlayStation on the market is the PS4. The thing about consoles is that every geek has their preference. Some say PlayStation, some say Xbox, and the computer gamer says console gamers are stupid because computer is clearly superior.

Wii- This is sort of the Aquaman or Nickleback of consoles. It’s cool to make fun of people who have one or use it, but at the end of the day part of you does enjoy playing group games on it. Not that you’d ever mention that out loud. The Wii is owned by Nintendo. This is a very casual gaming device. (I know I’m talking a lot about gaming, I ill be explaining further at G)

There are also handheld devices, but Nintendo pretty much owns that market and I will explain more about them in G.

Then there are Readers. Readers are what I call any tablet type device originally created to electronic, on the go reading. This includes the Kindle, Nook, Sony has one out. There’s also something called the Kobo. Obviously the Kindle and Nook are the most popular. I, personally do not like readers. I prefer my books to be tangible, but this is a reading preference. Some people like having many books on hand at all times. I own a Nook, I just only use it to play games and get on the internet. Usually seen in the hands of book nerds, so not a huge following in geek culture but they are there.


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