Dungeons and Dragons…Duh

Challenge DOkay, did you really think I would go through a geek culture A to Z and not touch on not only tabletop games, but THE tabletop game? Please, I think I know better than to leave this one out. I will proudly admit that I have played before, so I do know a little of what I’m talking about. Let’s start by breaking down the basic set up.

First, you have your DM (Dungeon Master) who is the creator of the world you will play in. The DM’s main job is to make the game fun for it’s players. Also, contrary to popular belief it is entirely possible to play DnD without ever entering an actual dungeon or facing off against a dragon. That, once again, depends solely on your DM. The DM creates your world, decides what challenges you will face and knows where your story should lead you. However, any good DM will allow for several options on your part and have planned out what paths those options will lead you down. The best type of DM is the type with endless imagination.

Now, by saying you don’t actually enter dungeons or fight dragons, I’ve probably confused you all about the name. So, allow me to clarify. A dungeon is pretty much any map your DM creates that you must go through when fighting or solving puzzles. It’s anything that is not a town, or some other place you would consider a resting place for your group. Dragon is used in reference to any boss level fight, as in the hardest fight you face. Sometimes this may end up being an actual dragon, but more often than not it isn’t.

Your role as a player is to be as imaginative and proactive as possible. Immerse yourself in the world your DM has created, much like you would for any video game. The only difference is that your ability to imagine is what limits how well you receive the game, not a company rushing game makers.

There are, obviously, many other tabletop games. But Dungeons and Dragons is really the game that started them all.



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2 responses to “Dungeons and Dragons…Duh

  1. Also, if the players get swallowed like Pinocchio in the whale, is the dragon now a dungeon as well? A double-d?


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