Cosplay and Cons

Challenge CSo I’m sure you have all heard of at least one con and have some vague idea of what they are, a bunch of geeks and nerds from all over getting together and spending a few days talking about the things they love, and you’d be right. That’s exactly what a con is for us. The most well-known con would have to be Comic Con. It’s a huge event in San Diego and pretty much every geek would love to experience it at least once in their life. I would probably die happy if it happened at Comic Con…but that would also suck so I really hope it doesn’t. Most cons encompass many aspects of geek culture, so even though it’s called Comic Con, it has things for anime lovers and people from geeky shows and movies show up. There are some cons, however, that are specifically centered around one particular thing, such as Leaky Con…give me a minute while I gaze off wistfully…okay, done. Leaky Con is a Harry Potter centric con. I’m sure you know understand why I gazed wistfully into the distance. I feel a long sad tirade about my desperate desire to experience Leaky Con coming on, so I will end the con talk here.

Anyway, you can’t really have a con without cosplay. Now, cosplay is different from dressing up in a costume for many reasons. The first of which is, when you are in cosplay, you are sort of expected to embody the character you have dressed up as. People tend to get a little disappointed if you don’t at least try a little. As such the people who work at Disney pretty much cosplay for a living.

They aren’t the only ones either. There are cosplayers who spend all year gearing up for different cosplay competitions. There is hardcore cosplay and casual cosplay. Usually a casual cosplayer will figure an outfit specifically because they are going to a con. They will buy half of the costume and make the most expensive parts because it’s cheaper that way. They might wear the same cosplay (never costume, that crap is for Halloween) all the days of the con or wear it one or two days and spend the rest of the time just walking around. Hardcore cosplayers however, will make everything by hand and it’s actually frowned down upon for them not to. Some like to compete. And there are plenty of competitions to choose from. Some hardcore cosplayers actually pack several outfits and cosplay a different character everyday of con. That takes serious dedication.

Anyway, there is a lot more about cons and cosplay I could tell you, but this is an introductory course, for further information you’ll have to take geek life 201.



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2 responses to “Cosplay and Cons

  1. My friends and I went as the cast of Firefly once. I was Kaylee and it was AWESOME!

    Good luck with the 2015 A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy


    • geekylola

      That sounds amazing. My bf is making a Blue Spirit (idk if you’ve seen ATLA) cosplay together and I’m working on one for The Painted Lady. It’ll be my first cosplay and I’m really excited.


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