Advice Giver

I am that friend. The one you call when you are having a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend and need advice. The one you vent all your worries and frustrations to and wait for to tell you that it’s all going to be okay, or how to make it okay. I am that friend. The one you never ask, “how are you doing?” to when you walk in the door and sit down and start raving on all of the problems life has thrown your way. I am that friend who it is okay to get mad at when I tell you the hard truths, the truths they won’t tell you for fear of hurting your feelings because you were in the wrong. I am that friend who holds your hand when times are hard and there is nothing anyone can do to change this struggle you are going through, but at least i can be there and struggle through it with you and walk beside you in the dark until we find the light. I am the friend who stays up long nights, talking you down from the ledge and foregoing sleep to be by your side if you need me. I am the friend who will find a way to get there even if I have to run. I am the friend who will be whoever you need me to be for this moment, the listener, the talker, the trickster, the relaxed one, I am a chameleon and your mood is my background. I am the friend who will leave all my worries behind to make you have a great night. I will plan the birthday, or help pick out the Valentine’s Day gift. I am the friend on whom you may dump all your bad feelings, all your worries and cares, all your fears and hopes and dreams, you can talk to me.

But I also have my own fears and hopes and dreams. I feel things to, I am not just advice and knowledge and wisdom. These things I know don’t come free to me, they come with scars and stories, ask me for a few sometime. I may look like the giving tree but at some point if all you’ve done is take from me I will have nothing left to give. So come, sit with me a while, ask me about my day, my hopes, my dreams, my fears. Remember that I am a person too and I have feelings just like you. I can’t keep them bottled up inside.  Can, for once, you help me? Just let me vent and rave and rant. Hold my hand and walk with me when the problem can’t be fixed. Run to me, or walk, or drive. For once, let me be the one to get the advice. For once, let me be heard.

Sorry about that guys, but life has been getting me down and I have reached that point where I feel like my friends take me for granted a bit. Have you ever been the advice giver in your group? Do you know what it feels like to be the one everyone always dumps all their stuff on and just never considers that you might actually be having a bad day too? It doesn’t feel great, but I’m also not the type of friend to snap on you when I’m not happy and you aren’t happy and you’re asking me to help you get happy. But some days it’s just hard to be that friend. Some days you just need to get out the feelings you’re holding in. So, thanks for letting me just let it all go for a bit. I hope you all a sailing along in a much better mood than I. And if you aren’t I hope you feel better soon. But thanks you sticking all this craziness out with me, and as always, thanks for reading.



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2 responses to “Advice Giver

  1. I’m one! It gets crazy sometimes when the phone is ringing, the texts are beeping. And I need to come up with expert advice in every topic you can think of. I love being there for everyone but a pause button would be nice. 😉


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