Hello, hello!

See, I promised to get better and I am! Alright, so big news! The decision has been made and I have officially signed up for the A to Z Blogging Challenge! I’m pretty excited! Picked my topic and everything. So about a month from now I will be spending a month talking about (insert drum roll here) All Things Geeky! Excited? Couldn’t care less? Probably won’t remember this warning by the time April rolls around? That’s cool, I’ll warn you again in April and then if you all so choose you can completely ignore me. I won’t be offended. As a matter of fact I’m almost sure I’ve lost at least half of you with my extended absence. I do feel bad about that, but life happens.

Anywho, I have started trying to write based off of images. It’s a really fun exercise. You get a picture, usually a drawing and not actual people, and you write them a story. You can write one leading up to the moment drawn, or of what the moment is and what happens after. It’s really fun to see the different interpretations people get from on drawing. I wish i could draw, then i could ask people to interpret my drawings.

Also, the Oscars were last night! Does anybody watch those? I can’t believe I missed NPH hosting. That guy is hilarious, and I bet he did a song…I really like hearing him sing. I can probably find his opening number on Youtube though, thank you internet! lol. Remember the days when you had to go to school and just have it described to you? Yeah, I’m not even that old but it still used to happen in my life time. It’s amazing to think of all the things you did used to have and how reliant you are on them now.

This post seems to be a moshposh of different thought, so I’m going to leave you all now. Have a good Monday everyone (yeah right) and as always thanks for reading.


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