My Hair is Gone

I don’t think I ever told you guys but I used to have decently long curly hair, and I have my whole life. Recently, because I’ve been thinking on it for months now, I chopped it all off. It’s maybe an inch long now…I really chopped it all off. So I’ve had these crazy thoughts ever since I cut my hair that nobody really ever told me I’d think or feel. I mean, I guess every experience is different but I feel like there are some things everyone who cuts their hair goes through.

For example the first day after I got it cut I washed it. Even taking into account the fact that my hair was way shorter than it used to be I over shampooed. I did not realize how much shampoo I went through with long hair. It was amazing thinking I was using so little and realizing I still needed less. I stood in the shower staring at my over soaped hands thinking…huh, this is a weird feeling. It was a really funny moment, and I had to wonder how long it would take me to figure out how much was just right. I figure, I’ll probably under shampoo next time I wash my hair and have to add more and slowly but surely I’ll get closer and closer to the right amount. That both excites me and makes me laugh. I’ll be like Goldie no locks. Ha…I made a funny.

I also learned that I no longer have to use two towels to dry off after a shower. I used to need a towel for my head and a towel for my body, but I don’t anymore. It saves so many towels and it’s wonderful. It’s a super exciting thing for me. I have spent my entire life going through two towels at a time because my hair was so thick and held so much water it was impossible to get dry with just one. Then if I tried to use just one and dry my hair first I ended up with hair in awkward places…it just didn’t work. But now, none of that is a problem! One towel, I dry my hair first, I dry it last, doesn’t matter! It doesn’t hinder my ability to get dry! And no hair in awkward places!

I honestly thought I would freak out as it was being cut, but I didn’t. I was so completely calm, it was actually really unusual for me. That’s not something i would’ve expected people to tell me just a random surprising fact.

I keep forgetting my hair is short. It’s sort of like my tattoo. I know it’s there, I have distinctive memory of getting it done, but the knowledge sits somewhere in my unconscious. Until I see it again or touch it in the case of my hair, it’s not the forefront of my mind. I look at people and think, why are you looking at me like I’ve changed? Oh, yeah because I have. It’s funny, I really thought I’d lose it afterwards, freak out and regret it or think over and over again, my hair is short. But it’s nothing like that at all. And I’m excited! I’m excited to watch it grow back again and mess with it at all the stages of regrowth. I feel like i just started over with my whole life and I can’t wait to see it grow and change as I do. I don’t know, this just feels like a fresh start. And that’s the biggest thing nobody told me. I wish they had though, I would’ve done this way sooner.

Anyway, that’s all. Goodnight guys, and as always, thanks for reading.



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2 responses to “My Hair is Gone

  1. So excited for this new experience you are having! I cut my hair off about a year and a half ago and I definitely don’t regret it 🙂 I hope you won’t either. best of luck!


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