The Mystery House

Yes, all of my titles will be really obvious. Anyways, this week’s prompt is: The beautiful colonial house was not what it seemed from the outside. What secrets does it hold? I am totally winging this one because I have no idea what to write about this week. Hopefully this will turn out nice. Enjoy.

 This house was her prison, only nobody knew it. She left for school the same time every morning, she went to piano and tap after that. Then she came home and sat in her room finishing her homework. At 8 dinner was served and at 9 she was back in her room. Some night they argued, some nights they made no noise at all. She had never known a life that was different from this. She had never seen happy unless they were pretending for the neighbors and friends. 

They both drank now, all the time. When they drank they argued harder. But still they drank, until the bottles were empty and they needed to get more. Each day he came home with more, and each day they drank until there was none. Her parents…”the perfect couple.” They hated each other and they hated her. She forced them to stay together, they couldn’t split up and make her a statistic. They had to keep the image alive, after all mother was an important woman and so was father. They were two high class, super important figures that people all over the community looked up to. But that was because they didn’t know. They didn’t know that mother could down a whole bottle of wine in two minute and father could down a bottle of bourbon just as quick. They didn’t know after the wine mom went for the whiskey and dad went for the rum. They didn’t know that once they were sufficiently wasted mom would throw her drink in dad’s face and dad would slap her to make her stop. They didn’t know that the only thing that connected mother and father anymore was their mutual hate for her.

The daughter that ruined it all. The girl who should’ve never been. She was a mistake and she knew it. She was the bane of their existence because people would talk if they divorced when they had her to think about. She was a problem child too. She refused to wear makeup and dress like a lady. She didn’t like to socialize and played video games. She was smarter than the boys and she didn’t mind reminding them of that. She was going to college and she wouldn’t change her mind. She was going to leave them and never look back. The second she graduated she was gone, and they had no idea. They wouldn’t be sorry, she wouldn’t fool herself into thinking that. They would be happy she was gone, but angry at the same time. The neighbors would talk about the daughter who didn’t want to come back. They would hate her more for leaving than for staying, and she didn’t care. Let them hate her. She would spend her life being happy in her own way, away from them and let them hate her all they wanted, because once she was happy they couldn’t touch her. She would be above them. She would make her own way, she needed nothing from them. She wanted nothing from them.

That cute colonial house that was not quite big but not quite small would continue to age and grow old without her, and all the lies it was built on would crumble when she left. She was happy to think of that. She was happy to think of it right up until the day she finished packing up her room and carried her last bag down the stairs and t the taxi waiting outside. Then she looked back at the beautiful old house and thought maybe she didn’t want it to crumble. But she wouldn’t be a prisoner to it anymore.

So, ta-da! Yeah, i had no idea where to go with this story. I played with the idea of making it supernatural, or sci-fi, or fantasy but ultimately I just said let’s not complicate it and did a normal my family hates each other story. Anyway, I know it’s not great but I hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know what you think, and as always thanks for reading.


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