I Kinda Sorta Learned a Language

And as geeky as this language is I am not sorry one bit! So in case you all didn’t know I am a hardcore Whovian (Dr. Who fan). I’m proud to be a Whovian, because it is a fandom that spans generations…like Star Wars, only better because you never have t listen to someone saying they like the bad Dr. Who season like you do with episodes 1-3. There simply are no bad Doctors…I mean his a mad man with a stolen blue box that’s bigger on the inside and can show you the whole of time and space, um, yes please! He’s got 12 regenerations and all of them are different and wonderful in their own right.

So…now I’m sure all of you fellow Whovians know what I’m about to say. I learned to write in Gallifreyan last night! Once again, I should explain for all my non-Whovian geeks and geek-adjacent friends. Gallifreyan is the language of the Time Lords, which are The Doctor’s people. However, the reason I say I kinda sorta learned a language is that Gallifreyan doesn’t have any canon explanation for how the language works. A fan, using some brilliance I don’t understand figured the language out. Also, as of yet it is simply a written language, not spoken. So I say I learned to write in Gallifreyan and I feel so ridiculously accomplished. Not sure why, but next I feel I may tackle Elvish, which is spoken and written language and has a canon version so I know I’m doing it right. But I just like the way it sounds.

So, because I’m super proud of it and excited to show it off here is my name in Gallifreyan:

Brownie points to whoever can translate it!

Brownie points to whoever can translate it!








Alright, that’s all for now. Until next time, thanks for reading.


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