Hufflepuff Haters

Okay, don’t think I’m crazy but I’m seriously about to go off on a Harry Potter rant about something that pisses me off so much about the people who kind of sort of follow this fandom. I can’t stand Hufflepuff haters! I kid you not, more than people talking crap about Neville, more than people calling J.K. trigger happy that last book, more than people who have only seen the movies claiming that Harry “coming back to life” was a cop-out, I hate Hufflepuff haters! Let me just explain why.

Everyone thinks the deciding factor on becoming a Hufflepuff is being loyal. A certain person I know calls them “minions”, and I’m not talking about the cute little things from Despicable me. But nobody ever seems to remember what the hat actually said about what being a Hufflepuff means. When the Sorting Hat got to Hufflepuff this is what he really said:

You might belong in Hufflepuff, 

Where they are just and loyal,

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true

And unafraid of toil;

Hufflepuff’s are loyal yes, but before loyal the hat called them just. It called them patient and hardworking and nobody ever gives Hufflepuffs credit for that and the sad thing is they are everyone’s joke house but the truth of the matter is the world desperately needs more Hufflepuffs in it. Who in their right mind would crap on someone who is just and true? Hufflepuffs are the backbones of countries, they are the protesters, the feminists, the immigrants, Hufflepuffs are amazing. We just look down on them because there was only one major Hufflepuff in the books, but J.K. herself stated that Hufflepuff was her favorite house in many ways. When, and if you don’t know this um..spoiler the final battle at Hogwarts each house is given the choice to stay or go, of course the Slytherins leave, the Ravenclaws are pretty half and half, and the Gryffindors being the “house of the brave” and feeling a need to show off ( J.K.’s description, not mine because I am in fact a Gryffindor)  they all stay. But the Hufflepuffs all stay too, and it’s not because they want to show off, they stay because it’s simply who they are to fight against injustice. To fight for what’s right and nothing more, nothing less.

People are often disappointed when they find themselves in Hufflepuff, but I think taking a step back and realizing what it really means to be a Hufflepuff will show you that everyone should hope to have at least a little bit of Hufflepuff in them. When I was sorted I was a bit disappointed to be a Gryffindor, because honestly, I didn’t think I was crazy gung-ho like Gryffindors tend to be, but then I read what it actually means to be a Gryffindor and I realized, I’m proud to be those things. But I would be just as proud to be seen as someone who fights for justice, who is a loyal and true friend, who works hard and is patient and kind. And I find myself wondering how could anyone think this was a bad thing? How could anyone think this type of person is a joke?



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2 responses to “Hufflepuff Haters

  1. It’s a great house, with values that make up a good person. Hufflepuffs are the people you can count on, and to be in that house means you are reliable and a great friend. I don’t know why some people still hate it.


    • geekylola

      Absolutely, I feel like people would look at them differently if they realized what all they stood for. If someone picked Just as the word to define Huffleppuffs I feel like a lot less people would be upset to be a Hufflepuff.


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