Alright, this week’s prompt is about a character who wakes up to find he/she is invisible. I’m sure you could have guessed that by this only too obvious blog title. Anyway, this is the story.


   The funny thing was he was always invisible, in a way. He was that kid in class nobody noticed. Even the teachers didn’t remember him until they called his name that morning to make sure he’d showed up. Then they forgot again. It wasn’t really anybody’s fault but his own. He was shy, had a tendency to fade into the background so people wouldn’t expect him to talk. He never raised his hand, even when he was sure he knew the answer. Didn’t want the whole class staring at him. So he kept quiet, silently lamented for the kid who did raise her hand and got it wrong. Knowing he could’ve saved her that embarrassment if only he’d been brave enough to raise his hand.  

When he woke that morning to find he was finally actually invisible he was shocked. He had spent his whole life wondering if anyone would notice if he really disappeared, it was like the universe finally heard him. Finally gave him something he had wanted. He was still in his pajamas and they had not become invisible, so he removed them. It was cold, but required a lot less explanation than being a body-less pair of animated pajamas walking around in the world. He didn’t bother to brush his teeth because he couldn’t see them. He didn’t plan on talking to anyone today anyway. He would just observe. 

Downstairs his mother was eating breakfast with his younger sister. “Has Daniel come down yet? If he’s still sleeping he’s going to miss his bus.” His mother asked his sister.

“I can check, if you want.” His sister began to rise from her seat. 

“No, Nat it’s okay. I’ll go see.” His mom got up and walked to the bottom of the stairs, unknowingly almost pushing past him in the process. “Dan! If you don’t get down here soon, I’ll send Natalie up there with a bucket of water!” She used the same threat every morning, but she never sent Natalie to wake him. “Daniel! You’re going to miss your bus!” When still no answer came she ascended the steps herself in search of her son. In his room, she of course found no sign of him except the unmade bed and tossed aside pajamas. She quickly descended the stairs again and stood in the doorway of the kitchen staring straight through Dan and at Natalie. “Nat, are you sure you didn’t see Dan come down?” 

“Yeah mom, why?” Natalie looked up from the book she had been deeply engrossed in and examined her mom.

“Well, he’s gone. He didn’t even eat breakfast.” She mused worriedly. 

“Mom, one missed breakfast isn’t going to kill him. He probably just had to get to school early so he could work on something.”

“Well, I guess you’re right. I’ll just have to fuss at him for skipping breakfast when he gets home. Now hurry up or you’ll miss the bus.” Natalie took two more bites of food before heading out the door with a quick kiss on the cheek for their mother. Dan, not really knowing where else to go, followed her. He couldn’t think of what else he would do really. His mother worked from home so they wouldn’t come home to an empty house and she and his father were currently separated, so he didn’t want to go haunt his dad. 

Though, he thought to remind himself he wasn’t really haunting people since he wasn’t dead, just invisible. He and Natalie boarded the bus together like they usually did, and even sat next to each other, though Natalie didn’t know it. At school she quickly checked the library, but, finding no hint of her brother she ran off to find her friends. 

Dan wasn’t completely oblivious, it occurred to him after watching his mother and sister eat breakfast that they would surely notice his absence, and after school he had every intention of explaining that he’d just sort of woken up that way so they wouldn’t worry. But first he needed to see who else cared he was gone. Also, he realized that the one thing no movies about invisible people ever told you is that walking around naked is rather cold and awkward, even if you know nobody can see you. He was a high school student after all. Walking through the halls naked meant accidentally being touched in awkward places by people who had no idea they’d just touched you there. Also, as a guy, he felt his boys were vastly under protected by the nakedness of his body. What did amaze him though, was how insanely unaware the other students were when they walked through the halls. Two girls walking in opposite directions knocked into him at the same point, and not realizing that they had been more than an inch away from each other they apologized and kept walking. 

Without any real plan for the day Dan went to all of his classes and even sat to lunch with the usual group of people he sat with. He never did much talking, but they were friendly enough for his liking and they never seemed to really mind he was there, most likely because they never noticed. In all his classes before lunch however, he was surprised to see each of his teachers not only notice his absence, but also turn to the exact seat he always sat in. One teacher even commented, “That’s strange, Dan is never absent.”  

Then, at lunch, his usual group grabbed their food then sat down and one guy asked, “Where’s Dan?” 

“I don’t know, Shelby said he wasn’t in their math class this morning either. Maybe he’s sick.” 

“It’s kind of weird that he’s not here. He’s always here, I hope it’s not bad.”

“Yeah, I’ll hit him up on Facebook later, see what’s up.” 

They had noticed him, everyday they had noticed him. He didn’t talk much, but what he did say they always found interesting, or funny. He was the constant in their group, mostly silent but always there. They noticed when he was gone, they felt off when he was gone. Dan realized that he might have friends. He should talk to them more…if he ever got visible again.

The day continued much the same way, people wondering where he was. Wondering if he was sit, or something was wrong. People noticing him. He was an idiot. Dan spent all year, all his life really, thinking he was invisible to everyone. Then he really was invisible and they all wondered where he’d gone. When the final bell rung he rushed to the bus stop and waited to get on until last. He sat next to his sister again and watched her search worriedly for him. When the bus began to move she tried to stop the driver. “Can we wait just a few more minutes, my brother isn’t here yet.” 

“Sorry, I have a schedule to keep.” Off they went, Natalie fidgeting nervously in her seat. At their stop they exited together and Natalie rushed into the house. 

“Mom! Daniel missed the bus.” She called through the house. when she came across her mother finally she had the phone pressed to her ear looking near tears. “Mom?” 

Their mother hung up the phone. “That was the school, your brother wasn’t there today. I don’t understand where he could be this isn’t like him. Oh God, what if something happened to him!” Their mother began to break down and Daniel knew he had to say something now or she’d have a heart attack, although she might have one anyway.


“Oh my God!” Natalie yelled when she turned around.

“Where the hell have you been? And why are you naked?” His mother screamed. Daniel looked down turned red all over and rushed to cover his now visible body. “Go upstairs right now and put some clothes on! And when you get back down here we are going to have a very serious conversation, do you hear me?” His mother looked furious and relieved all at once and all Daniel could do was rush to his room as quickly as possible while still covering his private areas. 

When he returned to the living room he stood in the doorway to allow his mother to speak first. “You’re grounded, forever.” Was the only thing she said at first. Daniel nodded having figured that would be coming. “I’m going to call your father also, and you’ll be ground at his place forever as well.” She continued. Daniel could only nod along. “Where were you?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” He mumbled.

“Try me.” He didn’t answer. “Fine, but if you ever scare me like that again I will kill you, bring you back, reprimand you, and kill you again. Do yo understand?” 

“Yes ma’am.” Daniel hung his head. 

“Now, after you finish apologizing to your sister for scaring her for life, go to your room until dinner is ready.”

Daniel turned around, then paused. “Mom?” When she looked up at him again he said. “I love you.”

“I love you too Daniel.”

“I promise I’ll never disappear again.”



Alright, folks! That’s the story of the invisible boy! I hope you like it. As always I appreciate comments. Until next time, thanks for reading.



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