Hello, Again!

Alright, sorry for the serious lack of anything after last Tuesday’s post, but I have absolutely crazy news. I started a fan fiction! Like, not that one that I write and never post, an actual posted on a website fan fiction? Can you even believe I had the lady parts (lady balls, whatever you call it) to do such a thing?? Well, yeah, I did it. After years of only reading and writing in sad hidden away notebooks I’ve done it. And, I have people like you lovely readers to thank.

I mean I have 97 followers now! What is that? I was so blown away by the love of my most random thoughts, and short stories that I couldn’t find anymore reason not to do it. I had spent so much time afraid of what people would say about my writing, then you all said, it’s pretty good. I think I’ll keep reading and I thought…what was I afraid of? Yeah, there will always be people who read what I write and say, ew you suck. But every time I turn around there are also people who read my writing and say that’s great, give me more. Those will be the people I write for. I can’t please everybody, and if I try to I will just end up losing what I really want my writing to be about and disappointing myself. So I won’t try t please everyone, I’m just going to try to put out what I’m most proud of and hope someone else likes it too.

The other reason I’m writing is to reassure you all that I did not forget about my one story a week thing and I will be posting another short story tomorrow, so look out for it. I’m both excited and nervous because this was actually harder to do than I had originally anticipated. But I am none-the-less going to keep up with it and give you all a new short story once a week for the remainder of these prompts. That’s it, just a quick update on the life and a promise for more to come. Until tomorrow guys, thanks for reading.


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