Alone on a Park Bench

Ok, here is the story as promised. The prompt was a 30-year-old woman sitting alone on a park bench. The questions were why is she alone and what is she reading? I am forewarning this is not the best writing I’ve ever done. But I hope you like it anyway. As always feel free to comment or criticize. Hope you enjoy.

          The birds are too loud and too close today. She wonders if she should have just gone to a coffee shop. But there are so many good memories of this park. She couldn’t walk past this park without smiling. She used to walk through this park with him and the dogs everyday. It was big and green, and the dogs would run and roll in the grass, and chase the geese until the geese chased back. She would sit on this exact bench with him and laugh at the dogs as they ran from the angry geese. 

That was almost a lifetime ago now. They hadn’t been to this park with the dogs since the first time she read this book, one of her favorites. The story of a madman time traveler and his many companions. He was crazy, and a genius, dangerous and safe, huge and small, all things and nothing all at once and his favorite thing to say when they were in danger was ‘run’. She never understood why she and so many others liked him so much. But she had once wished for nothing more than the blue box that would appear and the madman who would step out and ask her if she wanted to see the whole of the universe. Now all she wanted was for him to come back.

 She sighed and set the book down. The memories swept through her and for a moment, as she looked across the grass, she thought she could see those two silly dogs chasing after geese again. Then a lady with a stroller blocked her sight and the image was gone. She came back to reality with a start and followed this woman and her child with her eyes. She envied this woman her confidence and security. She walked with a knowledge that everything would be alright. She knew she was a good mother and her child was loved and would grow up happy. The woman on the bench closed her eyes and began rubbing her own stomach.

She didn’t know if she could do this, not without him. He’d been gone for a long time, and he wasn’t coming back for a few more weeks. A sharp pain, only lasting a second, starts in her lower abdomen. She didn’t have weeks. She only had days, if that. What if he wasn’t back in time? What if she had to do it alone? Who would be there to cut the cord? The fears rising into her chest began to constrict her breathing. She needed to calm down and she knew it. Another pain, just as quick as the first, hit her again. She definitely didn’t have weeks, and he wouldn’t be there. 

“I thought I’d find you here.” His familiar voice broke through her worrying and she looked up to find him smiling.

“What are you doing here?” She tried to stand quickly, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t do much of anything quickly these days. 

“The fight was cancelled, the other guy got injured. We found out early this morning so I hopped on a flight. I went to the house, but you weren’t there. I figured there was only one other place you’d be at two in the afternoon.” He laughed, helping her stand up. She was almost crying now, stupid hormones. But all of her fears had disappeared when she saw him smile, and that was such a wonderful feeling. 

        “I miss them.” She sighed instead.

        “I do too, but they lived long and happy lives, don’t you think?”

         “Yeah, I think so.”

         “Plus, we can always get another dog. Once this little guy is a bit older.” He rubs her round belly lovingly. “It will teach him some responsibility.”

         “Alright, let’s go home. I need you to help me put the finishing touches on the nursery before he comes, and that shouldn’t be very long now at all.” She laughed as another pain hits her. “Not long at all.”


 There you have it guys! One story for this week. Only 8 more to go. What did you think? I always love to hear opinions. Once again, I know it’s not my best but I’m surprised I got it done at all honestly, this challenge is already challenging me, go figure. Alright, that’s it for me. Enjoy the rest of your days, and as always, thanks for reading.

P.S. I hope all the Whovians out there enjoy my nod to the ever great Doctor.


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