Working from Home + A little Something Magical

That’s what I’m asking you guys actually. Does anyone who reads this blog work from home? Or, perhaps know anyone who works from home? Since I find myself without transportation I’ve been thinking a lot about working from home and what skills I could offer to be able to work from home. Since I’ve spent all of my working life in customer service, some way or another I figure I should start there. But I need to know if I’m actually going to hate my life more if I decide to do this. That’s why I’m asking really. I mean, I don’t particularly like people but I’m really good at faking that.

As it turns out, however finding a job to work online is a lot harder than people lead you to believe. Most of the things I get are for survey takers or secret shoppers. That’s not real money, at least that’s what I’m led to believe. Customer service call centers are something my mm used to do and she was miserable doing it so…I really don’t know what to think there.

The trouble is I’m sort of stuck in this endless loop, you know? I need a job so I can get a new car and move out, but I can’t get a new job if I can’t get to said job, which is why I need the car, which I can’t get without the money from the job…see where this is going. So, being the person I am I got sick of this stupid loop and went on to the next option, online job! No car required and I get to save up for that very car so I don’t have to work online forever…unless I like it of course. So, how do I know if I’ll like it unless I know people who have done it, which I don’t. And we have come full circle now, because this is what led me to ask all of you for advice. Is working from home a good idea or will I go absolutely crazy? I mean I don’t mind not having coworkers obviously.

Also I never got to post about my trip to Harry Potter world and I wanted to tell you guys how that was, because it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced in my life. I rode the Hogwarts Express, twice! Which I would definitely recommend because the trip is different each time. I waited like 2 hours to go on the new Gringotts ride unfortunately, because it kept having malfunction problems. But I feel like once they get that under control it will be much more worth it than it felt by the time I got on the ride.  I was honestly just hot and bothered by the time we got on the ride, but it was still cool. Not to mention the inside of Gringotts was crazy cool, and the goblins who work there look at you as you pass by. But honestly the best part of all was how wonderfully executed the entire transition from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley was handled…it was…magical. I’m sorry if that seems punny but it is honestly the only way I can describe it. Have you ever seen a dream come to life and it was better than anything you imagined it could be and felt almost like crying? That was exactly how I felt as I stepped into Diagon Alley for the first time and set my eyes on the place I’d dreamed of going since the very first Harry Potter book all those years ago. I felt my breath leave me and I was home, if only for a few hours. Surrounding by other Potter heads experiencing the same joy I was, it was a beautiful moment. I won’t spoil the way they introduce Diagon Alley for any of you because I want everyone to experience it how I did, confusion, fear, then overwhelming joy and excitement. I was honestly a kid again in that moment. I wanted to see everything there was to see…and I did. I would recommend it to everyone who has ever enjoyed a Harry Potter book. It was just amazing guys. Plus, I bought those Weasley treats, you know, Puking Pasties, Nosebleed Nougat, they only sell those at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. And of course, how could you have it any other way?

Anyway, I look forward to your work from home advice. Also I promise the next post will hold some more writing I’ve been doing lately. As always, thanks for reading guys.


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  1. I wish I could work from home..


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