Why the Anti-Femenism Movement Pisses Me Off

I seriously hope you all know that this is an actual thing! What’s worse, it’s women talking about why they don’t need feminism! Are you kidding me?? But they aren’t kidding me people, these are dead serious women claiming they don’t need feminism…ok honey, then get back in the kitchen because that’s where no feminism had you years ago and if you want it gone that’s where it’s leading you again. Hope you can cook you poor, poor, ignorant girl. It’s sad because they honestly think they are standing up for something by turning their backs on the movement that gave them the right to stand up for something in the first place. I was horrified when I first say the Buzzfeed post showing this Tumblr (go figure) movement of women  stating all the reasons they don’t need feminism. In case you think I’m joking here is a link to some of the oh so unenlightened reasons these girls don’t need feminism: http://www.buzzfeed.com/rossalynwarren/i-do-not-think-it-means-what-you-think-it-means.

Here’s what really bothers me about these arguments against feminism, both as a woman and as a feminist. These women aren’t educated about what feminism really is! They know the clichés, they know that sad and tired old rhetoric about who and what feminists are. Some of them are actually making statements that are feminist in nature while denouncing feminism! How is it possible that so many people are so misinformed about this topic? It’s sad that the norm has become feminists are man-haters and victims and whiny and can’t take responsibility for their actions (the idea being that they instead blame all their problems on men). That isn’t feminism. And if you’ll allow…let me lay some knowledge on your doorstep so you can all see how sadly misinformed you are.

We’ll tackle this with a few of our friends posts about why they don’t need feminism and explain all the things that are wrong with their logic. We’ll start with the woman who sarcastically states that she does need feminism so that when a boy says mean and sexist things to her she can play the victim and make people protest and write laws and social policy that punish anyone who might offend her. Ok, well let’s start by saying, the fact that she would rather tear down another woman for having the guts to tell someone when someone makes her uncomfortable rather than not say anything at all is hurtful. Who in their right mind likes publically playing the victim? What woman has even been at a hearing against a guy who sexually harassed her and afterwards turned to her friend smiled a little and said, “At least everyone knows now that I’m a victim”? Are you serious? That’s hateful and petty sweetheart. Now to address the laws and protests part, if it weren’t for those people who protested and had laws and social policies made to protect us, sexual harassment would still be dealt with by telling a woman that’s just what happens. What happens when telling someone to fuck off (her words, not mine) isn’t enough? That’s when those laws and policies come into play. I’m not saying their aren’t people who cry wolf, but do you honestly think the ones who do are feminists? Please, use your head. Feminism is the reason that when you try that fuck off policy you have and it doesn’t work you’ll have someone to go to and get help from when that boy who said mean and sexists things goes further than that. Maybe fuck off works sometimes, but feminism was there for the times it never did. Remember that honey.

With this next post I’m shutting down all you girls who think feminists don’t support equal rights, this is to all the women who said they don’t need feminism because they support equality, or they don’t support the demonetization of men, or any other variation of feminists are man haters. And I can do it really simple-like too. Feminism: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. That’s called a definition people. That is also the actual definition of feminism, as defined not just by Webster’s (which means you can just Google that shit) but also by true feminists. Let that sink in for a moment because not once do I read about demonizing men, or women having rights over men, or anything even close to it. It saddens me that you all are so naïve that any crazy woman with a chip on her shoulder who says she a feminist you believe. All it would take is a Google search and for you to look past wiki for once to know you don’t know what you’re talking about. Or even better, let someone older and wiser than you teach you the truth, take a woman’s studies class or a psych of women and gender. Educate yourselves before you crap all over the movement that gave you the power to crap all over anything.

In another post featuring the Women Against Feminism a female solider felt the need to explain why she didn’t need feminism…and honestly I don’t care what her post was about because the irony presented was enough for me. A female solider…doesn’t need feminism…did you need it when you weren’t allowed to serve your country? Better question…you think if it had never existed you’d be allowed to serve your country as honorably as I’m sure you do today? Answer: probably not. It’s ironic how all of these women who reap the benefits of feminism wish to denounce it.

Here is my point, to all feminism denouncers, you don’t know the truth about feminism. You don’t know that there are different types of feminism and each type has its own beliefs, you may want to just denounce certain factions of the feminists movement in that case. You don’t know that the loud mouths you hear yelling about man hating and stuff are to feminism what Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity, extremists. You looking at them and saying feminism is bad, I hate all feminists and I will never be apart of their movement would be like me looking at Westboro and saying Christianity is bad, I hate all Christians and I will never be apart of their religion…it would kind of piss you off if you were Christian wouldn’t it? Imagine how I feel, being a feminist and hearing people constantly tell me I’m something I’m not because they only know what extremists yell in their ears.

No, honestly, take a moment all you Christians out there, if you told me you were a Christian and I was constantly telling you you hated gays and you protest solider funerals and you’re all terrible people and I denounce you and I would never want to be Christian, how would you feel? Like I was misinformed and a bit ignorant on the subject maybe? Would it hurt to hear someone talk down to something you believe in? Probably? That’s what these Anti-Feminists sound like to me. They are misinformed, and ignorant of the subject they so vehemently enjoy bashing. I’m not asking the world to become feminists, I would never force you to believe what I do. All I’m asking is that everyone who talks down about the subject become better informed on the subject before they begin bashing it. If any of these women came to me with a more intelligent argument I would gladly listen, if any men feel the need to give me a more intelligent argument I will gladly listen. I’m not bashing anyone for being anti-feminists, let me make that perfectly clear. I’m bashing uninformed arguments against a misunderstood cause. If you are well-educated in the subject and still feel you’d prefer a life without feminism, I hope you enjoy it. I don’t care how you live your life. But, please, just get informed before you start bashing the movement again.

If you would ever like to delve deeper, here is a really good post to start you off: Does The ‘F’ Word Scare You ?. That’s all for this rant, until next time thanks for reading.


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