Judging A Book

Ok, you guys are going to think I’m insane because this is my second blog post in less than 12 hours but I had another thought…why do we say ‘Never judge a book by its cover’? I mean I really want to know. OK, I know the statement is meant to symbolize how bad it is to judge people based on their appearance but couldn’t we have made up something better than that? Because let’s be honest, the only way we know to take a closer look and check out what the book is actually about is by looking at the cover and deciding we think it’s interesting, or it’s boring and the book goes back on the shelf. That’s why choosing cover art for the book is so important right? So why, in high holy hell (none of that makes any religious sense), have we never come up with something better than this not judging a book by its cover crap? Here are only a few theories I have to answer that question.

First, we are far too lazy to change it to something far more adequate. But I have some ideas that might help this along since I’m feel both generous and impatient. Let’s start with…Don’t judge food by its appearance, that one might go right over a kid’s head though. Or this…Don’t judge a place by it’s smells…although hospital, nursing home, grandma’s house: all look scary, smell scary, are scary, so maybe not. Okay, here’s one…Don’t judge a dog by its size. And once I’ve typed it that sounds like it will make a lot more kids go up to strange dogs and try to pet them, which is never a smart thing to do. So maybe my ideas aren’t that great (though the food one isn’t bad), but at least I’m trying. we’ll keep on that and get back to you.

My second theory is, the person who invented this saying did so before books could really have artsy covers, so all book covers looked the same besides the name and author. Thus the statement made much more sense in their time and worked as a perfect analogy to judging another person. If this is the case it’s much more understandable but probably should’ve changed with the times at least a bit. Though, once something has caught on why change it, right?

My third theory is, and this one I like the best, one day a woman hands her friend a book over lunch. She’s just finished reading it and thought it was something her friend might enjoy too. He looks at the cover and scrunches up his face at it. So she says “Don’t judge the book by its cover. It’s actually really good.” Now the woman only meant it about this one particular book. But someone else hears her saying this, goes home and uses the same thing to their child when they complain that the kid down the street “looks funny”. And so the old adage is born.

My final theory was something about a government conspiracy, but I decided against that one. I think the third is the best one so far, but one also holds some truth to it. Plus let’s be honest, we don’t change it even though we know it makes no sense because deep down, even as we are saying it, we know it’s in our nature to judge people by their appearances. I’m not saying it’s right, but we all do it. And there’s everything and nothing wrong with that, if you catch my drift. The thing is we don’t want it to make sense, so we keep it. Even though, the food one is seriously a way better one and I think we should all give it a try at least once, ok? Anyway, that’s all I got this time. Hopefully I can stay on this good blogger roll and keep you guys informed on the inner randomness of my mind more often. As always, thanks for reading.


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