Turn Up

So, first and foremost, I owe you all a huge apology! You were all sweet enough to follow my blog and be interested in what I’ve had to say and I have abandoned this blog for a month now? Has it been longer? I can’t even be sure, which just goes to show what a horrible blogger I’ve been. And I know I’ve promised to be better about this and I think I’ve just gotten worse. Between the job as gourmet sandwich maker, the classes (which I will definitely tell you all about since they are cray interesting! I’m taking Human Sexuality, btw), the friends, and the eagle scout I have lost my blogging in the folds. But I promise I will TRY to be better about this. And I stress try because it might be another few weeks before I post again, but I’ll try to keep it at a minimum of two weeks, swear.

As clichéd as cliché gets, I’m sitting in a Starbucks right now typing away at this blog when I’m supposed to be school productive. But let’s face , I’m in college, we don’t really do productive. We are really good at procrastinate though. Oh, do I have that one down! I am currently procrastinating on several things…this blog finally not one of them. My bestie, who shall from now on be referred to as Chow Mein, and I came here after my last class today to get work done. She is surprisingly being a better student than I which is only surprising because for an Asian, she’s pretty lazy.

The real reason for this post, other than a heartfelt apology, is because of the new phrase, “turn up”. The phrase has become something of an omen of drugs and bad decisions (not unlike YOLO, which I thought would be shorter lived because I figured people would kill themselves off screaming YOLO). I have realized my most exciting time is going to the card shop, which is this cool little place called Phoenix Games in Jacksonville. I don’t know if any of you know, or live in Jax but if you do and you love the geek life (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic, and all) hit it up. The owners are super sweet, and it doesn’t hurt that they think I’m pretty awesome too (yes, this is a shout out people!).

But seriously, I’m 21 and in college. The movies portrayed this time of my life as constant situations in which to turn up. Oh, if you don’t know what it means to “turn up” allow me to provide this explanation:

Turn Up

1) To let loose and have fun

2) Acting crazy due to consumption of large amounts of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.*

Thus, I have found, though I would not partake of the other drugs, there are very few occasions in my life for which I am in need of turning up in the normal sense of the word. I do however find myself in a state of being turned up while playing Lego Harry Potter, or karaoke, or hanging at the Phoenix with the geeks and nerds (turn up is being used in terms of the first definition, no alcohol is consumed at Phoenix, it is a family friendly environment). So, mayhaps my version of turn up is different than the average “turn up”, I’m not really saying it’s a bad thing. I like my community of geeks, nerds, dorks, eclectics, and what-have-yous. But I did expect college to be different, especially for a 21-year-old female. I don’t know why, I expected a lot more lesbian experiences than I’ve had and tons more parties. Like so many parties the last few years would have been a blur. But I see these few years clearly, and maybe I like it better that way, maybe I’ll look back and have some regrets for stupid mistakes I haven’t made. I don’t know yet. All I’m really saying is, just as the movies have lied to me about love and how it works, so have they lied to me about college and what to expect from it. Also, I think I’d like to make sure to point out that “turning up” does not always involve alcohol and slutty behavior. Sometimes to turn up all you need is karaoke, or cool people. So, turn up any way you like, just enjoy the turn up and the good times when you find them. With all these stupid responsibilities we have now taking away all of our time, enjoy your hobbies when you can get to them, enjoy your friends when you find time to get together, enjoy your significant other when you are together. Turn up right, or don’t turn up at all.

P.S. The baristas at Starbucks talk really dirty when there’s hardly anyone is in the shop…I just now, right in this moment, learned this. And next post we will discuss what I learned in sex class!


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