What Customer Service Does to You

      There is a loathing that has began to grow from the deepest recesses of the deepest black hole in my soul. It has begun to expand, creeping its way out of the hole and stretching further through me. It is taking over all that I am and everything I ever loved will be destroyed by it. It is a deep seeded hatred for 99% of all human life on this planet. It is true and real and I wish I were ashamed of it…but that is the worst part. There is no remorse.

    Customer service has done this to me, it does this to all who have ever served a customer who is so unbelievably rude you actually want to be terrible enough to spit in their food. It has done this to all who have ever watched a customer that pondered on your intelligence because of one silly little honest mistake. People are rude and hateful, and I honestly didn’t want to believe it. But it turns out the second someone feels they are entitled to something all sense of common decency goes out the window. People forget they were once that server at McDonald’s or the cashier at Subway. People act as though it’s ok to treat another human as a lesser, someone undeserving of your decency, or understanding. And then they wonder why they are always worried someone screwed with their food?

    I was never that big a fan of people to begin with. I used to think it had something to do with the social anxiety and shyness. But, as I learned from working in the food service industry, no…people just plan suck. They are hateful and hurtful and act like there’s nothing wrong with acting that way. Sometimes I wonder if people realize how bitchy or how much of an asshole they are being. I wonder if they ever consider what it would be like if they were in my shoes. I try to stay polite, I apologize when I make mistakes. We even offer to fix the problem when it’s within our abilities to. So why do you have to say it’s fine then turn around and call and complain about me? Why to you have to call me stupid and tell me I can’t count? Why to you have to evil eye me and grunt when I’m practically on my knees apologizing and the problem is being solved? Was my mistake that heinous? Was my offense such that it would plague your family for generations to come? Have I dishonored you so that it’s worth my head on a platter? Because if so, I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t realize forgetting the mustard was worthy of being branded a worthless bug. I was mistaken in thinking offering to fix a sandwich after you decide you don’t want it the way you thought you did was enough for you to treat me as if I were more pathetic and disgusting than shit on your shoe. But maybe I’m just one of those silly and naïve little people who still believes in the common courtesy  of treating one person as if they are a person and not property. I’m not your house elf and I refuse to be treated as such.

     My point, people, is that maybe the reason you think someone might spit in your food…if your that guy who is so scared that someone did something messed up to your food even though you can watch them make it that you return it and ask for a refund, maybe you should consider what you are doing to the people who cook your food and why that makes you scared they did something to it. Chances are you are a terrible person and an unbelievable prick and you should work on that or spend the rest of your life scared to eat what you didn’t make.






   In case you can’t tell, work isn’t going so great. I’m seriously considering not staying any longer. And if I had another job I’d probably have quit today. I’m sorry, but I had to vent a bit and a appreciate that you guys always let me. I’m sure you all, if you’ve ever been in customer service (and chances are at one point or the other you have) then you get what I mean. I do want to say though that not all customers are bad. Mothers and middle-aged women, especially, treat me so much better than most. Some people just act like they remember how hard it was to be where I am now and want to not be that customer they hated to get, and I thank all of you out there like that because you make the hard days easier to deal with. Anyways, that’s all for today. Later, and as always thanks for reading.


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