Am I Obsessive?

Grad week is over, family members have gone back to their respective homes for the time being and I have gone back to working and hiding out in my room…but, things are not as they once were. Not completely at least. I am still happily practicing my archery. I have picked up an extra shift at work earning myself a meager 8.5 hours instead of the hapless 5.5. Yay me! And I have enjoyed the season finally of Game of Thrones, not losing anymore favorites, thank god and George R.R. Martin for small favors right? Though anyone one who watches as religiously as I do might agree they are very small favors, yes? I mean that second to last episode had me staring at the screen trying to understand what I’d just witnessed, my mind was so blown. I, unfortunately have not read the books and did not know what was coming. But with each passing episode I want the books more and more.

Speaking of books, I have a new lease on bookworm life. A man at the comic book store I go to, Borderlands, if any Jacksonville people read this and love comics check it out. It’s a small but friendly place and it has an attached game room for table top gaming. But anyways, the sweet old man behind the counter heard me saying I really shouldn’t be buying anymore reading material for a while because I keep trying to get through a pile of books I’m making it impossible for myself to get through and he said it was better for me to have too much to read than not enough or one day I’d want to read and find I’d finished everything I own. Now part of me knows he also just didn’t want me to talk myself out of buying the comics I had in my hands but I realized right then and there that he was right. That was the thing I used to love about my book piles, there was always something to read. And now I have a pile again…why fight the pile? Why wish it into nonexistence? I love to read, I love to reach over and pick up one of many books and read and read and not be worried about running out of things to read. So no more “finishing the pile” it’s simply improving, or changing it for this bookworm, me thinks.

My actual closet

And since we are talking about things I love….the real purpose of this post. It came to my attention today as I sat happily holding a brand new pair of teal Chuck Taylor low tops that there maybe a few things some might be able to accuse me of being obsessed with. Now, I come from a family full of addicts and the words addiction and obsession usually walk a thin line together, two halves of the same coin, if you will. So the idea that I could possibly be obsessed with something worries me deeply. I mean, I have been accused of being a bit obsessive compulsive with numbers and balance and the such but I never really considered that a bad kind of obsessed. Also, I never took the thought to heart. However, I put my beautiful new Converse into my closet and was startled to find….there are only five pairs of shoes in my closet that are not Converse. And of those five, only two pairs belong to me. The other three are the eagle scout’s. This is where my obsession worries hit a high point. This picture is of my actual closet. As you can see, there are about 15 pairs of Converse in there. It would be weird, I think, if I weren’t worried that I might be obsessed. But seriously, how awesome are those teal ones(bottom right for all you who don’t know what teal looks like)? So the question is, is this obsession or fandom? Because if it’s obsession then I can also admit to a Harry Potter obsession right now. I have come to the, wonderful in my opinion, realization that I have all of the books, a horcrux locket, a wand, a time turner (please don’t turn me in for that one), an acceptance letter (even if it’s 10 years too late), and a Marauder’s Map in my room at this time. Oh, and a Gryffindor shirt which I am wearing right now, and a Hogwarts backpack that I carry around to my college classes because I’m not afraid to be thought a nerd or geek. So, seriously, am I an obsessive person? Or is this what fandom is all about? Should I pull back or dive in head first and be proud of my questionable hobbies? I’d rather not be obsessed with anything but I guess if I had to choose they aren’t the worst things in the world to have an uncomfortable love for. Plus I’m sure the companies appreciate my money, and the money of the people who love me enough to buy these crazy gifts for me. So….I can admit it is possible, some may have the right to call me obsessed, but I’m not an addict and I haven’t ruined my life or the lives of the people I love yet so maybe this is a worry for another day, yes?



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3 responses to “Am I Obsessive?

  1. I wish I had that much shoes!


    • geekylola

      Haha it took so many years to get there! One of those pairs is from sixth grade, it’s my very first pair of Converse. I’m just lucky my feet stopped growing lol


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