Grad Week

Can I just tell you all that I am such a proud big sister this week? One of my two younger sister’s (the older one obviously) is graduating high school tomorrow! I feel excited, proud, and stressed. We will call the graduating one Thing 1 since the two younger sisters usually get grouped together during crazy incidents. So Thing 1 had to go to something called a Baccalaureate. I don’t know if you guys know what that is, it’s a sort of religious graduation. But down here students get coaxed into going by being promised extra tickets for those who need them. Thing 1 needed them because not only did more people show up for her graduation than did for mine but also, they may actually see her walk.      (Side note: in case you couldn’t figure out that slightly jealous statement, lots of people failed to show for me, and then those who did missed me walking because they were getting wasted and falling asleep in backyards and such. It was heartbreaking to hear about afterwards and I’d love my sweet Thing 1 to not know that feeling)

Anyway, the pride and excitement should be easy to figure out. However, the stress is the real problem because Grad week has not been a smooth ride…not at all. See, Graduation means family coming together, and if any of you remember my wonderful Christmas post you understand what family coming together means. Honestly, I’m sure plenty of you understand from personal experience what family coming together means. But this has been worse than Christmas was this time around. My grandmother showed up of course, but so will my big sister, and my grandfather who is my grandmother’s ex husband and my mother’s father and his wife are in town as well. And the drama began long before the day I was born as you can probably tell. But the real problem is all the adults sans the big sis and myself are too immature to not bring up issues or ignore people just long enough to get through the graduation, which happens to fall on my mother’s birthday.

My grandpa and grandma (mom’s dad and his wife) got into town yesterday and didn’t tell Thing 1, my mom, or me they were here. They told my cousin and if it weren’t for her we wouldn’t have known they had made it in. They invited her to see them at their hotel…we still got not even a text message. Thing 1 had to give her the tickets for them so they got them because they wouldn’t have bother to try to receive them any other way it would seem. The big sis, who I suppose we should call Ring Leader since she always was believes they are upset with her because some very dramatic things came to light in our family and well, to be honest there is doubt about which side to believe and where we would want to stay so she has been ignoring grandpa’s calls. I would be as well had he bothered to try to call me ever. It’s hard to know what needs to be said at this point. So, grandpa and grandma are refusing to communicate with any of us now…seems petty to me. Especially since they only things that should matter this week are the graduation and the birthday.

On the subject of birthday let’s get to the issues arising from the birthday girl…or rather woman. She seems angry that her birthday is being overshadowed by Thing 1’s graduation. I think it’s a bit childish for a grown woman to be mad and sulky that her birthday is going to be pushed aside for the day to celebrate something that doesn’t happen every year and for some people never happens. It’s not like she will be completely ignored. We are just celebrating the day after instead of the day of. I feel like if she brings it up one more time I will snap. I mean you’d think with how many times she complained that Thing 1 wouldn’t graduate she’d be happy to be out shown by said graduation…but no. I don’t understand why no one else can understand that the most important thing is to not be selfish. Is that so hard to understand? Because it seems that way for the “adults” in my life. I’m not considered one among their ranks because I’m only 21. But I act older than the rest of them and I graciously accept being treated like a child. They however, choose to yell and cause scenes and at like it’s time for a Jerry Springer style smack down.

And since I brought up Jerry Springer allow me to also bring up The Wine Incident. I will preface this by saying, 1: My grandmother is losing her mind and should probably not be allowed both medicinal marijuana and wine. And 2: My mother should know by now that whatever verification she has sought from my grandmother will not happen at this point in their lives. Now, my mom is in group therapy among other things because she has issues she needs to deal with, and that’s fair and healthy. Now my grandmother asked my mom about her group a few days ago. I believe it was Monday night, and she had only just gotten in town on Sunday keep in mind. Mom told her what they talked about and the discussion got heated. My grandmother called my mom a liar and tossed her glass of wine in my mother’s face. My grandmother has glaucoma. And that’s not just a lie she tells to get her pot, she is seriously half blind. So she had to aim and mean it to be able to actually hit my mother in the face with that wine. Everyone in the room was shocked, and the fight, fore obviously reason almost ended with my grandmother leaving a good 3 days early. The most annoying part? An hour or so later the two were rolling around on mother’s bed laughing. It was that moment that I understood why the people who marry into our family either lose their minds, turn to drinking, or die early just to get out.

I’m so happy tomorrow is Graduation day. The week is only now half over and Ring Leader hasn’t even gotten to town yet. I can’t wait to see the blow ups that ensue when she does (can you sense the sarcasm there?). So, yeah. My sweet baby sister, my crazy Thing 1 is graduating! She’ll be off to college soon! And in four years I’ll be saying the same about Thing 2, who surprisingly has been pretty low-key all week. And all I’ll be hoping then will be the same thing I’m hoping now, that everyone just keeps it together long enough to survive this graduation. Well, that’s all for now. I’ll write more crazy family stories soon I’m sure. Take care, and as always thanks for reading.


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