An Apology and A Bitch Fit

Alright, it’s official, I’m a terrible blogger. I haven’t posted in a month and a few weeks. I owe everyone who has been nice enough to care what I have to say, an apology. Things got crazy towards the end of the semester. I was struggling to write for my creative writing class. I was overwhelmed by family gone absolutely bizonkers. And I have missed writing for you all. I got a job…can you believe it? I don’t really think it solved as many problems as I expected it to but that’s the way things go right? You think all you need is this one thing to save you from all your troubles and then you get it. It never does as much problem solving as it’s supposed to. But a job is a good start.

Anyway, enough with the overly thoughtful things. I have finally lost my ability to be friendly with the people who continue to invade my house. You all know my mother likes to play happy homemaker and savior of the lost little souls. Unfortunately these little souls aren’t so little and seem to be planning to stay forever. They don’t clean up after themselves, they are rude, spending money constantly on more food instead of paying my mother rent when there are tons of leftovers in the fridge from the millions of other meals they cook for themselves. I don’t get dinner in my house now unless I hide something away. They even printed out these really obnoxious kindergarten style posters asking my sisters and I to put out dishes in the dishwasher, and keep hair out of the sink. And knock on my mom’s door before entering. I wanted to throw an all out bitch fit when I saw them! But instead, I bitched it out by ripping up a sign or two. My sisters and I are not the reason the house isn’t as clean as it once was. We clean up after ourselves, we are all old enough to know how to do stuff without little reminders. I’m tired of playing nice…and I’m about ten seconds from blowing up on every extra body in my house right now and then it’s going to be really awkward because they will still be staying with us for a bit longer and I’ll just have to avoid people.

Ok, so I feel like I just laid a lot of stuff on all of you. Had some things to get off my chest. I forgot how much I missed writing this blog, having time to sit and write it. But I won’t forget again. I will find time to write. Oh, and next post I promise I’ll have another short story for you guys. be ready for that. And as always, thanks for reading.


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