Books and Things

I honestly couldn’t think of a better title for this post, sorry. But that’s alright because it will be about books…and other things. So I suppose the working title, you know, works. On the subject of books I’m actually really excited to report that my exceptionally large pile of neglected and unread books and completely diminished so that all that is left are two books. One of which I am already half of the way through. My inner bookworm couldn’t be happier with herself. I just keep hearing her gloat a bit too proudly, “I still got it”. Funny because other women my age would be gloating the same thing for a completely different reason. Anyhoo, as for the things…this is a longer section of subject.

I have developed a slight loathing for the PlayStation All Stars game (created in answer to Super Smash Bros. for those of you who have not the slightest clue what I’m talking about). If you don’t know what I’m talking about consider yourselves lucky. First off, the bf has become completely obsessed with the game and as understanding as I try to be about his gamer needs (since I have gamer needs of my own) I can’t seem to stand, for even the slightest amount of time, this particular game. What a pity, because I did give it a try. Though it seems I was destined to loath the game from the start, as the practice character is a clown called Sweet Tooth. As if the clown part isn’t creepy enough, his head is on fire and he sports the classic ‘IT’ look. If you don’t know IT, because obviously you have been living under a horror culture rock all your life, he is disgusting, enough to make even the most Ronald McDonald loving kid forego the fast food icon and all his joints until some seriously intense psycho therapy ensued. He has razor-sharp brown teeth, and crazy death-bringing eyes accompanied by the would-be joyous makeup that has always left me suspicious and uncomfortable. And so, my short-lived attempt to become completely badass at said game (because though I could forego the practice section I’d most likely have to play against the dreaded Sweet Tooth at some point and pissing my pants or enjoying nightmares isn’t my idea of a good night) was quickly ended. The bf however, loves the damn game! He plays it all the time, all this friends love the game they play teams constantly. And, what’s worse, somehow the fact that he has a bored as hell girlfriend sitting around watching game after painfully boring game, is completely lost to him. So, sorry PlayStation, but I have to shoot down your brilliant idea as being currently, the most annoying thing  in my life.

February draws ever nearer, and with it my Creative Writing class. unfortunately I haven’t been practicing my writing anymore than usual. Though I have gotten back into my oh-so-calming coloring hobby (yeah, I know, way childish). I have a friend who draws amazing pictures and mini comics (I have one, and completely tooting my own horn, its epic) but she hates to color most of them in. For some reason it makes me feel way good to take her drawings and give them new life with the colors I decide on. Also, and I’m only partially ashamed to admit this, but sometimes when people tell me how cool the drawing is I just say thanks and pretend I don’t realize they think I did it. I know it’s kind of sad, but I always wanted to be an artist, if only for the ability to completely create me own ridiculously amazing comic book, but I was only given an affinity with words not pictures as well. Which brings me back to my Creative writing class, which I hope by getting back to my more consistent blogging, I will be better prepared for.

And last, but I promise you, not least I have taken up archery. I shit you not people. On top of my life long longing to be wonderfully graceful and elegant, and I have also wanted to be able to pick up a bow and go straight up Mérida on something (I would’ve said Hawkeye, but we all know what the female Hawkeye was like). So, basically I think I’ve just admitted I always wanted to be an Elf…but you know, yes I did. So, in addition to attempting to become graceful and elegant with my dance class (which is only as complicated as my partner) I have enlisted the bf, also I suppose to be henceforth known as the eagle scout, to teach me the ways of the bow. I have only tried twice now and I have hit the target once at the 3, twice at the 5, and once at the 9. If you don’t know (I just found out, btw) The 9 is closer to the center, not farther. Guess which one I was most excited about. All of them actually because all my other shots were over and under the target, with quite a few off to the side ones as well. I don’t have an arm guard so I      actually bruised my arm, but it’s the most awesome bruise I have because when people ask I can say I got it shooting my bow. Yep, my very own bow, the eagle scout got it for me.

That’s all for my thoughts and updates on my books and stuff…sorry if these is completely uninteresting to you but I thought I’d share to anyone who cares. Thanks as always for reading and letting me know you care guys. Blog more soon.


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