The Curse of Some Series

Ok, I’d like to start this one off by announcing that my inner book nerd is super proud of me right now. I have managed to get on campus early everyday I have class and hide out in a corner somewhere and read while I wait for class. Some days I read longer than others because, depending on where I have hidden out, friends find and distract me. But everyday I do loyally read my wonderful books…or not so wonderful books. Which brings me to the other reason for this post.

So, have you ever started a book series with good characters, good subplot, and really good main plot? Of course you have if you’ve ever picked up a Harry Potter book. Now, let’s get to the real problem…has said series main character ever gone from being an enjoyable, relatable character one or two book to a completely annoying and different character the next few books? Yeah, it’s the curse of most series. The Hunger Games, to be honest Katnis sort of annoyed me in the beginning but as the story went on she grew on me, especially the part where she and Rue formed a bond. But as the books continued she just jumped back to annoying and what’s worse, the quality of story telling went down hill as the books kept coming (I personally think that might have had something to do with the writer not actually wanting to write more than one book and then being forced to, just an idea). This other series I started and am currently waiting for the third book of, The Divergent series, main character Tris was great the first book…but the second book was harder to get through. She just constantly started to annoy me by the things she’d do and say.

That’s the exact problem I’m having with The House of Night series…I don’t know if any of you have every read some of that series (Marked, Betrayed, Chosen…there’s like 6 of them), but here is my problem with one Miss High Priestess In Training Zoey Redbird, in the first book she was great. I related to how down to earth and nerdy she was, though not sad cliché nerdy. I also enjoyed that she was sort of square (straightedge, whatever you call it). There was not love triangle crap, yeah a crush was mentioned but, that’s a realistic teenage thing to deal with. What I don’t like was as soon as the second book was written it was like they decided to create a completely different character. She became slutty, whinny, bitchy, and never really did anything to fix the situations she got herself into. What’s worse is now I’m on the third book, and she is becoming sluttier than she was in the second. Now look, I don’t judge a woman who knows who she is sexually, but dating two guys your own age and a teacher? WTF, just please with that “what do I do?” crap…you my friend are a full on slut. And then she whines about her situation the whole time. It actually is starting to seriously take away from the main plot, which is really good. So, what do I do? What would you do? Should I suffer through Zoey’s insufferable new nature, or should I say so long to the series and never look back? There are already 6 books out so it’s not like I can write a nicely worded but concerned fan letter about the new, unwelcome direction my once enjoyed character has taken…I just wish series didn’t fall into this change of character trap. Sigh, what’s a book nerd to do??



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2 responses to “The Curse of Some Series

  1. There are always annoying characters that somehow manage to squeeze into our hearts.


    • geekylola

      I honestly don’t know if she will though. But I have hope that my once wonderful main character will return to her former glory.


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