College Life, Fun? Or Not Fun?

I had truly forgotten how stressful and terrifying growing up is. How foolish of me. Class started again Monday. I have officially completed my first week of Spring Term and I have once again realized how pathetically broke I am. Allow my to enlighten and bore you with my chaotic worrying class by class, if you’ll be so kind. I pre-apologize for how little you will care about this post.

Monday I had Elementary Stat…it was the easiest math I could take after College Algebra, or so I was told(I have yet to determine if this was a lie). I love my Professor, I was smart enough to stick with the same guy who taught me Algebra. But I need to buy the book online, which I completely spaced on and am most definitely too broke to do at this time. At the moment I’m seriously considering getting the 17 day free trail at the end of the class and praying I can blast through all the homework before the trail is over…bad idea? Well, I’ll figure that out later. Also, because my Creative Writing class doesn’t start until February I have only this class every Monday and Wednesday and it does not start until 3:30 pm. It is a long wait to have something to do on Mondays and Wednesdays. The upside is a friend of mine magically always ends up in classes with me when we aren’t trying. And lo and behold, here se was again, lucky me!

Tuesday I had Intro to Women’s Studies. I went in terrified I’d be surrounded by angry feminists and man haters. I am neither and honestly think the whole idea is over-played and idiotic. Equal rights, I’m all for. Women’s Suffrage, sign me up. But please with the ‘We have it harder because we have periods’ and the ‘You’ll never know the pain of childbirth’….seriously ladies. Most of you who argue that have never have children and hardly feel a thing on your periods. I have cramps that could cause Wonder Woman to rip out her uterus and I’m not blaming the bf for being born a man, I sort of prefer him that way. I’ve never had a baby, I’ll toss that in there (I don’t plan to anytime soon) but I do know I have the option of foregoing the whole birth thing and adopting. If you are going to complain that much, maybe look into that option. If not, get the happy pills out and act like a big girl. No offense, I just mean, you should know by now what you’re getting into if you decide to have a baby. Back to Women’s Studies, surprising lack of feminists in class. Met some cool seeming people. And my teacher is nice. I’m not sure about the books though, and I already have a project due. Not ready for that. But I’m still hopeful.

I was right to worry about my Ballroom Dance class. Madame Really Russian is really intimidating. She has a serious accent but has yet to pull out a cane and beat anyone with it. Though she does seem to lack some patients. Will stay on the look out for the cane. On top of that I need practice shoes! With the heel and the leather soles and, you know the stuff Ballroom dancers wear…these cost money. I believe I have stated I have none. I doubt Madame Really Russian will be ok with me remaining shoeless. My calves feel sore and I keep running around the floor switching partners because there are all of five males in our class, and the instructor also does the male part for us. The guys get to stand still while the ladies hop from partner to partner and spend a good deal of time without a partner pretending to dance with someone. When you’re doing that by the small windows in the room you just feel stupid.  But it’s exercise and I’m happy to be learning. I can’t really complain too much.

I’m sad to say I must wait for Creative Writing, I’m nervous as hell to finally get into it but I’m also ready to start. I’ll have to start thinking of random ideas that can fit in any situation that gets tossed at me. All in all however, I have to say I’m enjoying all the hustle and bustle of college life, part 4.


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