Book Etiquette

Alright so, books aren’t nearly as simple as they seem people. There is a culture of true book lovers out there and any good book lover knows there is a way to handle books that is proper and a way that is just plain wrong. So the book nerd in me sees fit to rage a bit about some of her book borrowing pet peeves, and how to stop your terrible book behaviors if you are one who falls into any of these categories.

Rage Starts In 3, 2, 1...

Rage Starts In 3, 2, 1…

1.    Oh, the dog-ear…how it vexes me. What people don’t understand is this is not ok in more situations that it is ok in. Bookmarks, my dears, were invented for a reason. You can easily make a free one with a torn piece of paper, and is spending $0.25 on a bookmark really so much to ask? Here is the deal, if I am letting you borrow my book and I have clearly not dog-eared a single page you should not either. It is my book, obviously I prefer my pages crisp and crease free. How dare you dog-ear my crease free pages! Also, I feel it is wrong to dog-ear library books. They are books for everyone, plenty of people prefer their books undog-eared and you should not dog-ear public property books. Just my opinion anyway. I always tend to try to only dog-ear already dog-eared pages…especially on a book borrowed from a friend. It just feels wrong to dog-ear nondog-eared pages in someone else’s book.



2.    Water and Food Stains…just why? Why were you reading my book in the tub, and eating those really syrupy pancakes? First off, if you were reading my book in the tub, I’m uncomfortable with taking it back because you dropped it into you dirty body water. Second, did I give it to you water stained? Then why would it be alright to return it water stained? It’s not. If I take crappy care of my books it’s one thing, I won’t notice the new stains and stuck together pages, but if my book is in good readable conditions and you return it with pages stuck together and wrinkled, don’t bring it back. Go get me a new copy and keep the one you ruined. I love my books, and care for them as if I do. I would like my children to one day be able to read them. But if they don’t know what is happening because two pages are stuck together with your old syrup…you and I have issues. I hate cheese stained fingers on my books and I hate pages that crinkle when you turn them unless they have the aged, sun stained pages to back it up. If that is a wet and then dried page crinkle on my brand new book, I will be one unpleasant chick.

I could cry

I could cry

3.    Oh, my, God…how could you? You are officially a monster and a truly terrible person. I don’t want to know you anymore. I don’t want to talk to you, why would you rip and then tape. It’s like adding insult to injury. There is no fixing a ripped page. Man up, grow some balls, admit you ripped my book. Offer your condolences and maybe a new copy. But do not tape up the page and hand it back as if you’ve done nothing. A more horrendous book crime I cannot think of. And I think that is all I have to say about that.

4.    Do not give me your opinion about the book if you have not read the book, especially if you think you know because you’ve “seen the movie”, I absolutely HATE that. You don’t know anything, you have no idea what you are talking about, shut up and walk away. Your argument is void. The movie never gives more information than the book. The movie is never better than the book, the movie is not the book. I’m sorry, but this is just how I feel. Don’t tell me why the series sucked if you didn’t read it, you have no idea how uneducated you sound to someone who has read it. If you don’t believe me, you think I’m exagerating…ask someone who read Ella Enchanted or Eragon what they thought of the movies, then ask someone who didn’t. Get some good details about the story from the reader, then from the movie watcher. I was told to not watch Eragon, but as far as Ella Enchanted book vs movie goes, you will be surprised to find how little they have in common. I loved the book growing up but the movie….I felt sucker punched in the childhood by it. That’s how bad movie adaptations can get.

5.    I, personally, do not like the Kindle. I prefer an actual page to turn, to hold the physical book in my hands and smell the pages. I love old and new book smells. I love the smell of the library. But I don’t shun those who use a Kindle…I won’t lie, at first I did. But then I realized, it doesn’t matter how you are reading, just that you are reading. And now my pet peeve is a physical book lover, like myself, but one who is unaccepting of a Kindle user. We are all avid readers and book lovers. It should never matter that my book is in my hands and yours is on a screen. I am reading beside you, with you, with all of you proud book nerds across the world. And I will proudly hold my book beside your Kindle and say, there is no difference, we both read and that is all that really matters. I can tell you and you can tell me books you/I like, stories we can share and discuss. I used to think the Kindle and technology in general would kill books, but as long as there are writers with passion and readers with devotion, the book will never die. So, stop judging how we read and just appreciate that we do.

P.S. I’m writing this before class today because My next post won’t come before Wednesday when I’ve had all my classes at least once. Wish me luck!


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