I Can NEVER Have Too Many Books

…..Except that I kind of do, at this point. Not that it is ever a bad thing really. It’s just not fair to my books. I have a pile that is constantly growing and no time to read any of the wonderful books I place in said pile. I have borrowed books, Christmas present books, bought books and kind of stolen books. And all of them I keep meaning to read. I have prioritized and everything but…between worrying about college, trying to find time to spend with the now always working bf and my certifiably insane family, my sweet books, my first and truest love has fallen by the way side. I am ashamed to call myself a book nerd anymore.

There was once a time when my friends used to joke that every time they saw me, I was reading a new book. What happened to those days, the time they allotted to my second greatest passion (the first being writing, if you didn’t know)? It probably all started the that disaster of a series called Twilight, and the end of the Harry Potter era. After the horror of Twilight I was gun-shy, terrified to stumble onto something as rage inducing again. Then Harry Potter ended and I wa lost,could I ever love a series so fully again? Probably not, but The Hunger Games wasn’t totally disappointing (although I wonder if I’m the only one who felt she should have stopped at one?). Then I was without anything to read for a long time…or a week. I can’t really remember, it was a dark part of my life and I try not to look back on it. And then, as always, I found many books to read…too many honestly. The Casual Vacancy was announced and I knew I had to get that book, the bf’s mom introduced me to a new series, a friend started to let me borrow his books, and Perks of Being a Wallflower was announced I and I always like to read the book before seeing the movie (except with Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, but they are the closest movie adaptations ever so I feel maybe cheating on this one isn’t so bad). But the books just kept coming, I’m currently trying to grasp 3 different series, still got to read J.K.’s new book and I’m sure in a day or two someone will end up talking me into wanting another book.

And here is my real problem, because I can’t ever have too many books. I just have too many to read right now. I over shot my capabilities, thinking I could still read as fast and had as much time as I did in highschool. What a fool I have been, to think I could pile them up and speed through like I used to. My poor books sit gathering dust and despair from lack of attention and love. I could blow through a novel in two days, or even a few hours (just ask the Half-Blood Prince) and now it takes me weeks. The book nerd in me reeks of disappointment at my lack of reading. She scolds and shuns me and all that I do when I’m not reading. But I am making her a promise, I will find the time to read my books. I will walk away from the tv and iTunes, I will take an hour everyday and devote it to my second great love. I will finish my pile of books and I will give my inner book nerd the attention she deserves. This may affect the next few entries, as they will probably all be from the book nerd within. She is already considering educating on some book borrowing etiquette of just book etiquette in general. Later guys, and happy readings!


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  1. One can never have too many, because a books are like irresistible candy.


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