The few things I want before I die

My dream dog

My dream dog

  1.    I have always wanted a dog. It has been the one thing I asked for every Christmas since I could talk. I want a loyal friend, a constant playmate, and a warm snuggle buddy. Oh yes, I am a dog person through and through. Don’t get me wrong I like cats too, but cats don’t do that whole “buddy” thing. You are not the owner when it comes to cats, you a merely a slave who hasn’t been killed because you have the opposable thumbs. I’d rather have a pet to greet me at the door when I come home. I have had a dog or two in my life. But none of them got to stay. My mother isn’t a dog person and somehow there was always a reason we had to give them away. It was devastating, time and time again. But one day I will be in my own house, and when that day comes I will get a husky puppy. He will be beautiful, and he will be mine. I will suffer through the potty training and the obedience schools, just as long as he will love me best. My boyfriend’s had three dogs in his life, his German Shepard Roxy is his dog…I mean she lives with the family and loves them all (me included) with every fiber of her being, sometimes a bit too much since she a little slow, but she loves him the absolute best. She would die for him, without having sense enough to know she was doing it, but that’s what I want (with a bit more intelligence of course). I want my ride or die friend, and I think the only way to achieve that level of devotion is in a dog.


Gothic Style House

2.   A Gothic style house, for several reasons actually. The first is that they have porches nine times out of ten, real porches. You know the kind you can sit some rocking chairs on and a small bistro style table and enjoy the weather. The second reason is, they almost always have those big windowsills that allow one to sit and read by natural light. I have always wanted a windowsill I could sit in. Thirdly, well…don’t they always look like they have some serious history to them? I mean who wouldn’t want to walk to their home everyday and think, if I didn’t know better I’d say some seriously secretive and mysterious things happened in this house. I mean, I don’t want real ghosts and murder, but fake ghosts and murder is fine by me! Yes, I know it’s sad but life gets really boring sometimes, it would be nice to have a house that never seems to fall in with that. Fourth, it probably has a secret passage way that leads to a hidden library I could hide in when I get tired of the people I live with…ok, that’s probably not true, but it would be super awesome if it were and nobody can deny that. Though a library in plain sight is also something I’d love to have.

One of every color

One of every color

3.    Oh, yes. I have a serious love for Chuck Taylor’s. A love that is so strong that I have made it a goal to have one of every color. A beautiful rainbow of Converse to fill my closet and match my every shirt (does this seem a bit obsessive?). This is where my true geeky, tomboy nature shows. While other girls I know what a closet for their stilettos and pumps, I would be happy with one for my Chucks. I would never actually bother with a closet just for shoes though. I’m also not saying I don’t like a hot pair of pumps or some really nice boots, I just love Converse a little bit more. And I’m well on my way to having every color of the rainbow. I have red, purple, orange, and grey. I need, royal blue, green, lime green, light blue, yellow, brown, and black. I have a few of those colors in high tops but that’s another thing all together. I will have a pair in every color, then maybe multiple colors…welcome to my secret obsession. I’m not super crazy, I swear.

The Tango

The Tango

4.    Yeah, I want to be sexy and graceful. I want to twirl around a dance floor and catch everyone’s eye doing it. I don’t want to be professional or anything, I just want to be good. For all of you who randomly find this and haven’t read any of my other posts, I am actually on my way to getting good, or at least knowing the basics. My college offers a ballroom class, quiet out of the blue and much to my joy and surprise, which I am taking with my awesome boyfriend. So, hopefully, sometime soon I can write again and say, I have gotten that arm structure and 1-2-3 down…bring it on! But until then, my sexy, graceful dream is just that. Until spring term starts at least. Funny thing is, this isn’t even my bucket list. It’s just a few odds and ends I thought it might be pretty cool to say I’d done or had in my life. I can’t really remember everything that is on my bucket list, ballroom dancing isn’t one of them though. I might cheat and put it on there after I’ve learned just to say I crossed something else off.

Just Beautiful

Just Beautiful

5.   I want it in purple, and I want it in the best condition possible. Cars from the 50s, 60s, and even the 70s American Muscle cars were beautiful! They were everything cars should be, homemade works of art. They are everything I want in a car. This is what I call style. And I constantly say this, I was born in the wrong era. My style isn’t right for the 21st century. I want pinstripes, vests, fedoras, twenties hair styles, and gangster cars. I love strong men, who use their fists. I like Chucks (as if you couldn’t tell) and leather biker jackets. I like studs and kickass boots, and I don’t mind chains. My point being, I want an old car, a purple Thunderbird, or a teal Chevy. I would rock a black Camaro, or an old school Mustang. I don’t really care. I even have a soft spot for the original VW Bugs. The only Beetle I’d ever be caught driving because the new ones are ugly to me. This is right up there with my beautiful hypothetical husky to me. A husky and a vintage car would make my life pretty close to complete. And honestly, I think these 5 things are all I can think of now, the few things I’d very much like before I die.


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