The World won’t end Today, I’m not Done with It Yet!

The world is supposed to end today…idk about you but I don’t really believe that. I mean I’m no expert so I don’t really know how these end of the world things go but, I always felt it would feel more final. Just as a whole, you know? There should at least be signs right? Well, anyway, the whole “world ending” thing did get me thinking at least. Thinking about life and the sort, the way “world ending” things tend to do. My question, as I suppose everyone’s question is, is: what have I done with my life? Is it worthy of being remembered? I guess if the world is ending it won’t really matter, chances are there will be nobody here to remember anything. I’m only 20 years old you know. It probably doesn’t make much sense that I’m questioning my life so young. I figure though, if I don’t start now, when should I? When it’s too late to change anything, or when I’ve done it all? When is it too young to wonder what you will leave behind? What your legacy will be.
On a less serious note…did anyone else think: for the end of the world midnight was pretty anti-climatic? It really is, if you think about it. Shouldn’t something have at least started? I didn’t even know it was midnight. Looked at the clock and it was almost 1:00 am! I didn’t feel the Earth shake beneath my feet. The most excitement I’ve had is Doctor Who and a really annoying fly buzzing around my head. Now, don’t get me wrong, the Doctor is amazing(don’t hate me but Matt Smith is my first and favorite) but not very end of the world-y, more like every got nothing to do night of my life-y. The Doctor always knows how to keep you entertained. The honest to goodness only bad omen I have seen is the rain (though in all honesty I love the rain, never really got that whole “bad omen” thing about it) and it’s Florida, so it’s not like rain in December is weird, it’s like Florida’s version of snow actually. Except it comes year round, doesn’t set any kind of holiday mood and is quite pathetic by means of snow (but, then, that’s coming from someone who has actually seen snow).
But most importantly, if it were the end of the world why does my last day start off with me writing a blog about how anti-climatic the end of the world is, weighing my options on calling my distant grandfather and wishing him a happy last birthday every, and almost wishing it was the end of the world for no other reason than it would mean the end of this damn fly! …if this is a refection of my life I am disheartened at best. What’s worse is if this is in fact not the last day of all things, this will be my night again sometime very soon. Why? Because, I am a creature of habit, that’s why I’m pretty good at this blogging thing. I am set in my ways, though I dream of a life outside of them. And I will find myself here again at some point. Almost wishing for an apocalypse just to end a fly…or perhaps not.
Let us try something people! If you are a creature of habit like me, if you are wishing to be something more, if you doubt you will every be spontaneous or different or someone to be remembered, take a vow with me. If today is not our last day, if there will be more to come, remember how it feels right now, thinking back on all you wish you had done. Remember the regret, remember the longing, and then lose it. Get rid of the regret, get rid of the longing and do what ever the hell it is you wish you did today (unless it’s kill someone, you should just keep that one a dream…and seek help). Yes this just became any annoy change your life blog and I’m sorry. But tonight my thoughts flow more free than ever before and nothing will stop them…except the end of my thought process, which seems to be here.
Well, Happy Holidays and full lives to all because the world won’t end today. It can’t, we still have much to learn.


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