Next Semester

Two very big things are happening…well big in my mind at least. First I’m taking this ballroom dancing class with my boyfriend. Our school suddenly offers it and as an avid SYTYCD watcher I love ballroom dancing. (Not to mention I’ve secretly always wanted to be that graceful) And my guy has offered to let me step on his toes until I get it right, isn’t he sweet? I am worried about my instructor though, her name is Svetlana Really Russian, (because I don’t actually remember her last name but it definitely wasn’t easily pronouncible without a fluent Russian background) and all I can think is that she will be strong, small and scary (with a body I could only dream of). But there is a whole winter break awaiting me and I suppose I can’t worry about it now.

The second thing is I have decided to also take a creative writing class. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I had a friend who took the class and apparently you have to read the stories in class. I don’t think I have the nerves to do that but I need to learn to write more consistently, especially if I really want my dream to become a reality. I’ve always had all these teen coming of age story ideas pop into my head. I’ve also had a few fantasy/si-fi stories pop into my head, and one really fun mafia women story. It was pretty badass, but that’s all most of them stay, little ideas I write down or stories I start and don’t get around to finishing. I guess I’m hoping this class kick starts my ability to just write until my eyes stop focusing and my fingers are stained with ink. So, wish me luck. I’ll post the stories when I write them. Let me know what you guys think. Obviously that won’t be until after the break. Until next time guys!


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