Since When Does My Voice Count?

Every time I post something and get likes or followers I am surprised. Happy, of course that my blog is actually being read, but still surprised. I guess it blows my mind a little that anything I have to say could be important enough for anyone to care. It’s not, if I’m being completely honest with myself, and yet you all continue to read and like or comment. For that I must really thank you, because you give me the drive to keep writing. But more importantly you all make me want what I write to be important enough for you all to care. I write about wanting to be a writer, but don’t we all want to write at least a little bit? I mean if we didn’t I don’t think any of us would have started blogs.

More of what makes me ask why my voice should count for anything is, I’m not sure what kind of writer I am. I could easily write a quirky memoir about my family, I probably will one day too (I imagine something mostly crazy, definitely quirky, with a sometimes sarcastic and possibly comedic undertone, and yet surprisingly profound at the same time). But I also started a story that’s about a normal teenage girl. Then, I have short stories I wrote that are more action-y. And I can’t believe I’m admitting this but I’ve also written a HP fanfiction…I hope most of you don’t know what that is haha! (and just so you know I never actually posted it anywhere, sad I know) It would be weird to write lots of different types of books and expect people to follow me through all my different attempts to find my writing style. Well I guess that will just have to be something else I figure out along the way.


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