College Is Confusing

It’s not hard, which was the biggest lie every high school teacher has ever told. If you aren’t insane and don’t take ridiculous classes they are about as hard as high school classes are. It’s just, what I don’t understand is why do all the adults in this country tell us to go to college, strive for higher education, be better than the last generation…but have you ever tried to get a grant to help you pay for college? Am I crazy or does anyone else think it should be easier than this, especially if we are looked down upon when we don’t go to college. I’m being totally honest here when I say the process of actually being able to take classes upsets me so much sometimes I decide I’ll just be the next Augusten Burroughs and say ‘Screw school, I’m out!’ But of course I’d be dead if my mother knew I was even thinking like that. But do you know what the really sad part is? My love is writing…it is my passion, one of the few things that always makes life worth living, and being in college takes almost all the time I have to write away from me. I want my education, don’t get me wrong, I just want getting my education to feel like a gift and not a curse. Maybe I’m complaining too much, but you have to admit with things like this push for STEM education focus, and constant cut backs on English classes and other Liberal Arts programs, my love of knowledge, and want of something better doesn’t feel like it’s being rewarded, it feels like it’s being punished. How much sense does that make?


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