A Character Like Luna

My favorite HP character

I find Luna Lovegood to be one of the best characters ever created. I know, that seems a bit extreme, but allow me to explain. This is a character who is purely herself. She spends her entire life being laughed at behind her back, and to her face and yet she moves with a dignified sense of self most of us, who have never been insulted to that extent can’t seem to manage. She stands strong in her beliefs, even in the face of unspeakable danger. She is quirky, but not in an over played, over written way. Luna gave the idea of an offbeat character a breath of fresh air. She is a Ravenclaw, so obviously she is brilliant (for those of you under a rock during all the Harry Potter generation, that’s what Ravenclaws are known for). She wasn’t inexplicably offbeat, just meet her father Xenophillius Lovegood. Better than that, she is intelligent in her explanations of the arguably nonexistent creatures she believes in. She marches to a beat that on the surface seems to be off in another world, and her voice doesn’t help to insure people believe she actually is on Earth, but once you catch on you’ll see she knows what she’s taking about. Her morals are strong, her loyalty is unwavering, and she is one bad bitch with a wand! How can you not find a soft spot in your heart for this fierce, fabulous Potter girl?

But more importantly than that Luna represents the type of character I want to write one day. A would be sidekick, or side-sidekick, who becomes bigger than the part she is given. There is something bold about that soft and airy voice. Something strong in her kindness that transcends her simple part in the Potter books. She became such a hit when the movies rolled around her part was escalated beyond what it originally was, and that was one change I truly enjoyed! I want a character who can give that kind of performance on paper and raise above it on film…though I haven’t yet decided if I’d let someone take my life’s work (says the 20 yr old) and turn it into a movie after I have seen the horrible side of good books tarnished by crappy movie renditions. My point is, Luna should be looked at as a role model for the down trodden and the bullied. She is a strong, unique character who never lets what anybody else says tear her down, or change her beliefs and ideals. And perhaps I am looking too much into a simple character, but pick up a Potter book again sometime, or just go re watch the last few films. You might see what I see if you take a closer look and this wonderfully quirky, exceptionally brilliant, strong, badass witch, with a beautiful heart.


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  1. Shes one of my favs too 🙂


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